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June 22nd, 2017
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My Fic Masterlist - Last Updated April 2011

This list is a work in progress; it's not completely up-to-date with everything posted between January2010 and April 2011. I plan to go through the drabble challenges etc when I have time, to pick up the bits I've missed.

Most of my fic is set in the Life on Mars universe; nearly all of it is slash - that's a male/male relationship. If that bothers you, don't read any further.

Items marked *** are new since the last update. At present, most of the links go to comms rather than my journal, because that's where the comments are and because not everything is here in my journal yet. (If you'd like to add to the comments, I would be delighted!)

All the Life on Mars fics listed below are Sam/Gene unless otherwise stated. Ratings range from White Cortina to Brown, ie from innocent to sexually explicit and occasionally graphic. Many contain swearing. Again, if any of this bothers you, please don't read. There is no gore, torture or non-con here, although I guess parts of Survival could be termed fairly bleak.

My one big gen / plot piece - 29,000 words

An Unhappy Man Sam Williams' story. What if everything Frank Morgan said was the truth as he knew it? Follows Sam Williams through his preparations for going undercover as 'Sam Tyler'

Other gen

Hillsborough "Today I am ashamed to be a police officer"

Back-Story for Gene and Sam

First Times (het - Gene/OFC1, Sam/OFC2)

Hillsborough "Today I am ashamed to be a police officer"

Past Imperfect Gene unexpectedly meets an ex

A Bit of a Girl Observing the wild magnificence that is the Gene Genie in full flow, Sam can only feel... small.


In this universe, Gene and Sam get together in Wine & Candles, and Moving On is a prequel to that story.

(a) Wine and Candles Series

Moving On

Wine and Candles - Dinner; Offer; Starting; Commitment; Intelligence and Grit; Dessert

First Anniversary

(b) Survival Series

Events in the Survival series begin a few weeks after First Anniversary.

In this series, Sam was kidnapped and held for several weeks, and the series covers various points during the long course of his ordeal and recovery. The series is being written out of sequence, as and when I get inspiration for a chapter.

After I had posted about nine stories in the series, dakfinv wrote an extremely angsty tale called Not the Dark, which described Sam being captured and tortured; it seemed tailor-made to be part of the universe. Dak agreed to her story becoming part of Survival, and it now forms the opening chapter of the series.

Warning: Not the Dark by dakfinv contains descriptions of brutality, while the rest of the series deals with the physical and emotional consequences of that brutality, and its effects on Gene and Sam and their relationship. (The ending isn't written yet, but I guarantee it is happy!)

I have stories in my WIP folder covering later events, notably Sam's return to work and the trial of his kidnappers. Stories currently posted (in chronological order) are:

N.B. I am taking the askerisks off the previous "new" stories in this section. I need to add in "Beautiful" here.

Body & Soul / Nightmare / Another Day / Watching / The Only One / Fantasy Lover / Hope / In The Eye Of The Beholder / Breaking Through / Still With Us / On The Road to Freedom / Not Just a Cry For Help (Red Cortina for attempted suicide) / Keep Taking the Tablets / Breaking Glass / Useless / Out to Lunch / Still Want You / Fighting to Survive / Into the Dark / Talk to Me /

Several stories in the Wine and Survival Universe feature two very special wine glasses.


What Do Girls Do? Sam knows what he wants, but being Sam, he can't do anything without thinking about it.

Signals Part 1a</i>; Signals Part1b Sam and Gene have different views of their roles in the relationship

(liquorishflame wrote a brilliant remix of What Do Girls Do? called What Do Poofs Do?)

'DVD Commentary' Version of Signals: PartA; PartB; PartC; PartD


Character Study

(Sam, obviously!)
Sam's Days

Getting Together

What Do Girls Do? (Signals Universe)

,b>Real Men Don't: Part 1</b>; Part2; Part3; Part4a; Part4b;

Saying It

Merry Christmas Sammy

Flake - Remix Challenge (links to original fics within the post);

illustrated by the fabulous [Bad username: iugularemortuous]

On This Day


Lonely at Christmas - Gene

First Times

First Times (het - Gene/OFC1, Sam/OFC2)




Established Relationship

For My Soul without song words; For My Soul with song words

A Marked Man



Just One Night

How Do You Want It

Best Ever

Filing Cabinet, Private Lives

Electrickery Who'd have thought mowing the lawn could be so sexy?

56 Words of Love

Sam's Days

Jagged Bleeding Edges

Order of Business

Mind Fuck




Crocodiles , Thank You, Gene


Waiting , Starting Again , Broken Dreams, Blood

2006 (Time Travel)

Best Ever

2006 (The long way round)

Twice is Enough , Being There A pair of fics about the same pivotal moment in Sam's life; one from each pov

Something Old... (for the Superstition Drabble Challenge)

On This Day (Starts in 1975)


While We Live Just a silly little poem; but it inspired No Regrets

No Regrets Which is not silly at all (character death)
Drabble: Sunset Prequel to No Regrets

Life on Mars to Ashes to Ashes Transition Fics - Gene misses Sam so much

Adrift ; Dust to Dust ; Alone ; Home Thoughts

These were all written out of my (and Gene's) distress at the lack of Sam in Ashes to Ashes series one.

Life on Mars / Ashes to Ashes Crossover fics

Revelation "Someone fell in love with you once" (past Gene/Jackie; implied Gene/Sam)

A Short Fic about a Fic-Writer!

Cousins - Who is behind the screen name? She writes Gene/Sam, but - who is she really?


One-off Drabbles

Bugger for Candesgirl ; How...? (warning - mpreg!) ; All Yours ; The Naming of Parts ; City (a double drabble linked to a court scene in Survival) ; Thoughts ; Nutter ;

Episode Rewatch Drabbles

Series 1 Episode 2: Afterwards
Series 1 Episode 3: Glad He's Here
Series 1 Episode 6: Jackie Files the Story
Series 2 Episode 1: Sam pov and Gene pov
Series 2 Episode 8: Not Doing Any Harm (Ray pov)

Friday Drabble Challenge

Icons: Gene's Neck; Sam's Neck; Bed; Sunset;

Villains: Sam Watches Gene

Women: Jackie Files the Story

Love: Birthday Breakfast - 1 , Birthday Breakfast - 2

Crossover: Something (Warning - faintest tiny hint of non-graphic RPS in the non-LOM fandom)

Ten Words:Shagging Alsatians

Gene Facts: Etymology

Superstition: Something Old...

Warren: Dancing

Races: A Day at the Races

Chris pov: Noticing (Chris pov)

Celebrity: Not John Barrowman

Gene in 2006: The Team, Sam, Gene

3 Prompts:Nutter (Who is Gene talking to?); Oswald's Box

Two Linked Drabbles: Time and Place

Opposite: Pervert, Damage

AU: Let's Have a Band

5 Prompts: A Nickname is Causing Distress

5 Prompts:Gene is having nightmares

5 Prompts: It's surprising who you bump into on Canal Street, Gene's mother tells all

5 Prompts: Why is Jackie Queen having dinner with Annie?

Green: Being Green, Circus

5 Prompts: Hide and Seek

Sam/Sam: I'm Real - I Can Feel

Undercover: Gene Gets His , Annie Gets Her Man

Seven Sins:You Want to Try Them All?

Blackpool: Blackpool

Blackmail: Blackmail

Hide and Seek: Toad in the Hole

Balcony: Balcony

Railings: Railings
Jokes: Jokes

Ten words: Football

Snow White: Mirror

Christmas Challenge: Elf

End of Term: Carol Service

Christmas Day First Christmas Day

Late Christmas Present: There's No Amazon in 1973

Thaw: Thaw

FlashSlash Challenges - all Sam/Gene

First Attempt - No Prompt; (not posted to comm) ; Second Attempt - No Prompt (not posted to comm) ; Challenge 79, Prompt 1 ; Challenge 80, Prompt 1 ; Challenge 80, Prompt 2 ; Challenge 81, Prompt 1 ; Challenge 81, Prompt 2 ; Challenge 104, Prompt 2

Life on Mars Het

First Times (Gene/OFC1, Sam/OFC2)

Fantasy Lover Annie wank!fic, fantasy Gene/Annie

Finally, my entry in LOM Writers'Spotlight is here.


Alex Rider

***The Life of a Man Yassen looks back over the years.

***The First Step Alex follows Yassen - but where to?

***It Started With a Kiss Yassen faces a painful truth.

***Memory Alex has a favourite memory of Yassen.

La Chica de Ayer (Spanish Life on Mars)

Princesa (Quin/Samuel) The extremely slashy park bench scene (at 2:45) (Quin pov)

Doctor Who

I Win The Master dies (Simm!Master/Ten)
The Master Returns (and kills the Doctor) (Simm!Master/Ten)


Just a Phase (het, Rupert/Ruby) Strange how intimate hand-writing can be.

Harry PotterFlying (gen, Harry) Harry doesn't want anyone to see his very first flight.

RPS (That's real people, based on their public personae. Again, if it bothers you, don't read)

Green Day (Billie/Mike)

Later On stage, Mike tries not to look at Billie Joe too much in case he doesn't look back.

Something (Life on Mars crossover drabble) Sam goes to a Green Day gig (Milton Keynes 2005)

***Decision Drabble - Billie makes a decision

Green Day / Top Gear Crossover

Our Guest Tonight (Written for tg_crack's first birthday)

Philip Glenister / John Simm

BAFTAs ; Close ; A Night Like This

Just so I don't lose it - an interview with Matthew re the ending of Ashes

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Date:September 13th, 2011 01:00 pm (UTC)

How do you want it (R), by Dorsetgirl

User basaltgrrl referenced to your post from How do you want it (R), by Dorsetgirl saying: [...] e Length: 408 words Author on LJ: dorsetgirl Author Website: dorsetgirl's life on mars fic list [...]
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Date:July 24th, 2012 03:23 pm (UTC)

"No Regrets" by DorsetGirl (White Cortina)

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Date:July 31st, 2012 08:30 am (UTC)

"On This Day" by DorsetGirl (Green Cortina)

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