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A brief diet update, as I'm posting anyway. Some time ago I posted… - dorsetgirl
September 12th, 2012
01:01 pm
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A brief diet update, as I'm posting anyway. Some time ago I posted that I'd lost five pounds, probably down to getting rid of the fluid retention. That was three weeks ago (my God, where does the time go), and until yesterday I'd have said I hadn't lost any more. What I would say, though, is that at least I had arrested the seemingly inexorable weight gain that started around five years ago. Which is worth a lot all by itself.

Today I seem to have definitely steadied the scales another two pounds lighter, which is nice! I'm still on what I would term a high-fat low-carb diet - within reason, no bread, potatoes, pasta etc, and at least think about the fat:carbohydrate ration in most things I eat. The great thing about is that after the first week, I haven't missed the volume of the carbohyrate portion of a meal. Previously, if I'd sat down to a meal of two chicken drumsticks and some salad and veg I'd have had several hearty chunks of french bread with it, scantily buttered (I have never fancied those chemical artificial marge-y things). Nowadays I'm quite happy to have just the chicken drumsticks with maybe some coleslaw, along with tomatoes and greenery with a bit (OK, quite a lot) of mayonnaise. I don't seem to need the bread any more to fill me up.

The only thing I regret about this new way of eating is that apparently I can't handle fruit any more. I used to eat an apple a day (keeps the doctor away), but two weeks ago I started to eat my first one since giving up bread and potatoes, and by half-way through I had a headache and felt light-headed, so I gave it up. Not entirely happy about that tbh. Then a couple of days ago I had a glass of orange juice and I felt like I'd downed three glasses of wine all at once. That lasted half an hour, which was rather weird. Last night I was offered some biscuits, so to be polite I ate them (two bourbons). Oh.My.God. Cue over half an hour of barely being able to keep my eyes open.

So, on the upside: my body seems to have converted to fat-burning with a will; it seems the weight may be gradually slipping off without me having to think at all about cutting down on what I'm eating; definitely less senior moments where I've scared myself stupid because I'd forgotten the cooker was on or something; increased flexibility in the joints. Oh, and the biggie - that first week, when the five pounds waved bye-bye? No more orange-peel thighs! YAY!

On the downside: there may be a problem with fruit. This isn't something I'm happy to give up, so I shall have to do some reading.

And finally, in the "that's interesting" section: I've never had a problem with alcohol, but have always been happy to put away my share when the occasion demanded it, or just asked nicely. Intake has reduced drastically over the years with reduced opportunities to go out and increased responsibilities for young'uns who are entitled to expect the adult in charge to actually be capable. But I always have had one of those little bottles of wine - 2 glasses or so - while I was cooking the tea on a Friday and Saturday night, just for a little treat. The first week of the new eating style, I decided not to have any wine, because I'd read that processing alcohol takes priority over processing food properly, and inhibits weight loss. I've just realised, I hadn't even thought about my "Friday night treat" since then. That is weird. (Make no mistake, I am not going teetotal - particularly not when I'm away on holiday - but, well, that wasn't something I'd expected at all.)

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Date:September 12th, 2012 03:43 pm (UTC)
Fruit are full of simple sugars, just like starches are. Just different simple sugars. (So is alcohol.) And there is such a thing as a sugar-high (and a sugar-hangover, alas.)

You might look into reading about the glycemic index, which more or less measures how fast the sugar in any type of food is absorbed and used by your body.
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Date:September 13th, 2012 10:37 am (UTC)
there is such a thing as a sugar-high (and a sugar-hangover, alas)

Ah yes, indeed. I was aware of - and have experienced - both, but what's surprising me now is the speed and intensity of the reaction, when previously I was never aware of any reaction to fruit whatsoever. (Apart from the fact that I could never understand people who said "If you're hungry, eat an apple." Apples on an empty stomach just used to make me even more hungry.)

I will do some reading about the GI, thanks for that. Trouble is, there's nearly always something more urgent to do than a bit of reading just for me. I must learn to make time!
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Date:September 12th, 2012 05:53 pm (UTC)
That's intriguing to hear! I'm still considering making some similar dietary changes for health reasons, and I did read an article on a Paleo website that suggested doing exactly what you're doing--lots of meat and veg, very little fruit. Perhaps your body is having trouble processing the fruit sugars?
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Date:September 13th, 2012 10:44 am (UTC)
I can't afford a lot of meat apart from chicken (well, it's one thing to treat myself to a steak for lunch once a week and quite another to buy steaks for five for dinner) so I'm eating rather more eggs, nuts and seeds than I used to, together with more tomatoes and salad greens than before. I'm feeling quite good so far, apart from missing my daily apple. Perhaps I'll try again, or perhaps I should stay well clear for a while and see how things go. It's just that we're brought up that YOU MUST EAT FRUIT IT'S GOOD FOR YOU so I'm a little nervous about having hardly any.

Perhaps your body is having trouble processing the fruit sugars?

I just don't know - I never used to notice any effect whatsoever with fruit or fruit juice, but now I'm getting such a strong, almost instantaneous hit. Perhaps it's because my system isn't constantly busy processing sugars from carbohydrates.
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