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So it's all happening again - dorsetgirl
January 1st, 2013
06:42 pm
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So it's all happening again
Just a quick drive-by posting, but with all the LJ downtime we've been having the past few days, and the realisation that Russia gave itself internet censoring powers a few months back (surely just a coincidence, I don't think), I decided it was time to update my Dreamwidth.

I've never got round to actually moving over there, or cross-posting or anything, but I decided to go for another import. It took about two minutes to copy over a year's worth of entries and comments, which is quicker than LJ can actually open up one entry most of the time. (I should mention that I haven't had time to check every single entry, but it's all looking fine on the surface.)

Anyway, I thought I'd just post this as a reminder to anyone who isn't confident they have their LJ totally backed up somewhere. DO IT NOW! I'm also planning to write a couple of polite little PMs to mods of one or two comms asking if they have a contingency plan for when it all finally goes to hell.

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