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What is wrong with these people's brains? - dorsetgirl
March 12th, 2013
10:58 am
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What is wrong with these people's brains?
Just had an email from the school. Understandably enough - OH says some of the roads are like an ice rink - the Year 8 Parents' Consultations scheduled for this evening have been postponed for a fortnight. Apparently only 70% of students made it in, so either matters are a good deal worse elsewhere or some people are taking the piss.

What is not so understandable is the fact that the Year 13 Parents' Consultations previously scheduled for a fortnight today have been CANCELLED to make way for Year 8. Phone the teacher if you "wish to communicate" about your child's progress.

I realise that the Year 8s are about to make their GCSE choices, and that this has to be done early to get the timetabling under way but seriously? 'A' Levels in a few months and teachers don't think our consultations matter? What about those students whose parents are blissfully unaware of impending doom (yes, I may be in this group - but how would I know?). My son has had all his Maths lessons cancelled for this half a term "because we've finished the syllabus and we don't start revision until after Easter." For fuck's sake. Any teacher who cannot, hand on heart, swear that their entire class is on course for an A* has no business cancelling classes this close to the exams.

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Date:March 12th, 2013 06:06 pm (UTC)
That school is run by a pack of idiots.

Honestly, the A level kids need to have their noses kept to the grindstone practising, practising, practising right up to the exam!
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