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Ah, now I understand... - dorsetgirl
May 9th, 2013
02:59 pm
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Ah, now I understand...
So I'm still struggling with Student Finance applications, and I'm about to ring them up with yet another list of questions. It really would help if the "Notes" actually explained what they're after.

But wait - I turn to the "current year income assessment" form and there, right on the front page, is what I've been looking for. A section headed "How do I complete this form?"

For the benefit of anyone who has ever torn their hair out wishing form-designers had been taught English, pay attention because I will now share in full the explanation for "How do I complete this form?".

"Start by completing section A and then work your way through the form.
(Depending on your circumstances you may not need to complete every section.)
Don't forget to sign the Declaration at the end."

There you go, it's really not that difficult, is it? I can't think why I got so worried about it. *headdesk*

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