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Still fighting the bureaucracy - dorsetgirl
July 30th, 2013
01:20 pm
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Still fighting the bureaucracy
There are not enough hours in the week for me to post even ten percent of my protracted adventures in form-filling, also known as Supporting an Application for Student Finance. There are many tedious and exhausting phone calls which will remain forever unpublished, but the following phrases are representative of my live-blog notes at the time: "for fuck's sake" ; "this is ridiculous" ; "he hasn't understood a word I've said" ; "I don't believe a word of this" ; "that's not what they told me last week" ; "I don't believe this" .

Anyway, today's adventures in brief: I'm trying to look at OH’s online income figures at Student Finance England so I can start working out the differences between our submission and HMRC’s verification, or rather lack of. Because HMRC stated there was a variance between the figures we submitted to SFE and the figures they had for us, we have to provide photocopies of all sorts of things to prove our figures. Which - given that I knew all along that our figures were wrong BECAUSE THE "HELP" LINE INSISTED I SHOULD NOT INCLUDE BANK INTEREST AS INCOME IF IT HAD BEEN TAXED AT SOURCE - is going to be quite difficult.

The first thing I note on OH's account is that "You are not linked to any student for academic year 2013/14." The fuck? My account says the same: "You are not linked to any student for academic year 2013/14." Oh brilliant. Mine does at least have a nice green tick against Evidence which is progress. Going back to OH’s account now:

Everything is marked Complete down to "Your Consent", leaving only "Evidence" at the bottom of the list without a tick. When I click on Evidence, I see this: "Your evidence summary: We are not waiting on any evidence items."

For God’s sake. This is SHIT.

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