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"Live" blogging Green Day, if watching recorded highlights on telly can be called live. - dorsetgirl
August 23rd, 2013
11:59 pm
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"Live" blogging Green Day, if watching recorded highlights on telly can be called live.
Watching Green Day at Reading Festival! Not live, unfortunately, which is what we were expecting. We were promised a 2.5 hour live stream, but we’ve only got one hour. BBC3 on the telly is shit just for a change, so I'm watching online. At least it means I can type at the same time.

99 Revolutions
Know Your Enemy

So many memories! I want to get up and dance, I want to shout and scream! Unfortunately the kids are totally disapproving and have insisted I use headphones! I might still have a jump about though...

It's impossible to sit still, I'm grinning like a total idiot here!

Stay the Night - fuck that's fast!

This is actually a pretty good experience - I'm getting the gorgeous close-ups that you get from watching on-screen plus there's all the great live feeling. The shots of the crowd really make me feel like I'm there. Jesus, I don't know how big the audience is, but it's a complete sea of people - looks like more than at Emirates and that was a concert attendance record for the venue - over 60,000.

Nice shot of Billie's ass there!

Billie’s working the crowd with his Ey-oh's. Oh God, Mikey's looking gorgeous tonight. I want to follow on Twitter to find out what's happening live right now (10:45) but I can't tear my eyes away from the screen.

Stop When the Red Lights Flash. Not one of my favourite tracks tbh, so I'll just concentrate on looking at Mike. Oh, boy, is he worth looking at.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Oh My God. This was the song that brought me to Green Day in the first place. The audience always starts singing during the intro, and Billie is grinning in delight at the sight of them setting off without him.

After the audience does the chorus, Billie lies down, overcome. Such a showman. I am loving seeing him so relaxed and happy. Before he gave up the substances he always looked so anxious on stage, but nowadays he smiles the whole time. It’s so lovely to see. And in the middle, he shouts out,

"We're all still alive here in England tonight!"

Then the crowd do their bit and he shouts,

"This is fucking England, baby!" He loves England, he says so every time they play here. He always seems to have a special love of an English crowd. Mind you, that’s part of his skill, because I know very well that he makes people in other countries feel just the same, that he loves them most. I even read that in Scotland he says things like "Fuck the English", and I still love him for it. Every show, he performs for that audience, in that place, rather than just doing the same thing every night.

There's a lot of Green Day haters in the world, and I was a bit worried that people wouldn't want to see them, but the audience at Reading tonight is loving my lovely boys!

Let Yourself Go! I read earlier that Green Day didn't want to be live-streamed, and I'm presuming that's because the BBC wouldn't allow them quite as many "fucks" on live tv as Billie manages to fit into a set. There are quite a few in this song alone.

Now they've pulled up the Dookie album cover at the back of the stage. I'm much more a fan of the modern-day stuff, but for some reason they have been playing Dookie all the way through quite a lot recently.

This is Chump, which I don't know at all. Most of those kids down the front probably weren't even born when this album came out, but they're all well into it.

Longview! This one I know, of course. I can't help feeling, though, that they should have kept "Let's play the whole of Dookie" for just that once in Serbia. The Serbians loved that so much, because they missed out on what was going on in the world during the 1990s - they couldn’t buy foreign albums and obviously there weren’t a lot of concerts going on - and they were so thrilled when the boys played the whole of Dookie for them earlier this year.

But what does it say about Green Day’s feelings about everything they've done in the past twenty years, that they keep going back to this?

I'm hoping for an announcement of further dates in the UK - I read somewhere they were contractually obliged not to announce any further dates in the UK until after Reading and Leeds.

Welcome to Paradise! I've shut the sitting-room door just in case the kids were having a laugh at the top of the stairs, watching me jumping up and down to Green Day.

Oh, boy - Basket Case! This was number one in the Top 25 of tracks people wanted them to do this weekend, in an article in Kerrang this week.

I sometimes think Mikey's face muscles must ache as much as the rest of him at the end of a gig - he is endlessly pulling faces. Lol, Billie just crawled between Mike's legs - I think that took him a little by surprise, but you'd think he'd be used to it by now.

In the End. Don't know this one.

F.O.D. Damn, I've just noticed the time. The broadcast ends in 15 minutes, and they won't have finished fucking Dookie by then. I want to see some of the newer stuff.

I know from reading the forums that there are a hell of a lot of people who want to see Dirty Rotten Bastards live, but as far as I know they've never done it yet. I have no idea why, because the first time I ever heard it I thought "There's a stadium song if ever I heard one" I would so love to be in a crowd singing along to that one!

American Idiot. Oh yes! As ever, Billie is getting the audience to sing the first verse. Love it. I was tired an hour ago, but I'm fucking not any more! Really energised now - glad OH is out so I can really get into this!

It's just awesome to see all those thousands of people standing still and almost silent, waiting for their cue to leap about and yell a bit more. There they go. I love the way Billie gets different sections of the crowd doing different things; it’s a fantastic thing to be part of.

WTF? All gone silent. Ah, now we have Billie on stage with an acoustic. Oh, wow, Time of Your Life (Good Riddance). They didn't do this at Emirates. I hope Mike and Tré come back on like they did at Wembley. I really think it's disrespectful to them for Billie to finish the show all by himself, but that’s how they did it on the 21st Century Breakdown tour, when I saw them at the O2, and I fear that’s how they’re doing it tonight.

Yep, now Billie's walked off. Fuck, now we're back to the studio. I do not want to see fucking telly people chatting, I want to see Green Day ffs!

It's all very well saying "Press the red button now", but I'm on the bloody computer - I don't have a read bloody button!

So that's the end of that, then. Tbh I haven't felt so exhilarated since I saw Green Day at the Emirates Stadium back in June. I really hope they announce some more dates that I can actually get to. (Didn't bother even trying for Brixton two days ago - no way was I ever going to get tickets for a tiny little 5,000 gig and I have a sneaky feeling I'm thirty years too old for that kind of event anyway - but a bigger place is absolutely fine because there's plenty of seating.

*crosses fingers for more dates*

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