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OTP for sure... - dorsetgirl
August 25th, 2013
02:43 pm
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OTP for sure...
It’s indicative of how very distracting my house is at the moment, that the most intellectually challenging activity I could cope with last night was analysing Juan Martín del Potro’s Twitter account (@delpotrojuan).

The nature of the tweets (nowadays in English as well as Spanish), the lack of anyone who looks like a random friend from home, and the conspicuous absence of anyone from Boca Juniors, Delpo's favourite football team, all support the assumption that this is purely the "public figure" account, and that there is presumably a less-conspicuous personal one somewhere else that he uses to keep in touch with his friends.

So, it appears that the man has over one and a half million followers on his "tenista profesional" account (including me - he was my very first "follow" *g*), but he’s following just twelve accounts. So I had a quick look to see who he’s following, as you do:

(1) Twitter help and support in Spanish

(2) Twitter’s own twitter account (does that even make sense?) in Spanish

(3,4,5) Official/sponsor/PR kind of stuff - three accounts

(6) An ESPN "sports journalist/host"

(7,8) Two Argentinian basketball players

(9) Some-one called J P Varsky. I can’t work out who/what he is, but he has almost 600,000 followers.

(10) Some-one called SHAQ. I haven’t a clue who he is, but he has 7.5million followers, so obviously someone has heard of him.

(11) Bruce Springsteen's official account

(12) One single, solitary, tennis player. Guess who.

Yup, of all the tennis players this "public persona" account might appropriately and usefully follow, the only one Delpo has actually chosen to follow is his good friend Novak Djokovic.


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Date:August 25th, 2013 05:10 pm (UTC)
That is sweet *g* And amusing. It reminds me of back when Roger Federer didn't use his Twitter account (he seems to have discovered it recently) and all it was was an empty approved official account following Rafa... Twitter gives a lot away *g*
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Date:August 26th, 2013 12:12 am (UTC)
Wow, that is fascinating! I wonder if that was Fed's own idea, or whether some PR hack said "I'm setting you up a Twitter because you need to have one, and btw you're following Rafa because that looks friendly." I prefer the first option...

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