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Delpo's Diary - US Open - dorsetgirl
August 28th, 2013
12:33 am
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Delpo's Diary - US Open
Saturday 25th August

Delpo got stuck in a traffic jam in New York. Apparently fans noticed him and started asking for autographs so being Delpo, he obligingly got out of the car and started signing

Tuesday 27th August

Enrique Quique Cano (@QuiqueCano) says that while Roger Federer was waiting in the players' locker room to go out and play Zemlja this afternoon, Delpo turned up - "friendly greetings and good conversation". Roger apparently asked Delpo when he was playing, and Delpo told him, "tomorrow, against [Guillermo] Garcia López".

@QuiqueCano then says that Roger responded with a smile and a gesture of "that won't be difficult" (whatever that looks like).

In other Argentinian news, 28th seed Juan Mónaco retired 2 sets down, 0-3 in the third set against Florian Mayer. No apparent injury, but "muy descompuesto". Ran to locker room at end of second set, on his knees at start of third, poor sod.

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