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That's my boy! - dorsetgirl
September 27th, 2013
08:50 pm
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That's my boy!
While editing the previous entry I got a text from uni-boy, wanting to know what veg I normally cook with the chicken and lemon noodles we often have, because he's in the shop right now. Bless.

I gave him enough noodles for an army, and several jars of the lemon sauce everyone likes (I really ought to try making it from scratch one day) and now he's about to find out how expensive chicken breast is.

Unfortunately we only found out about three days before he went away exactly what money he was going to be getting from the Student Loans people. What with all the packing and sorting, and the fact that he didn't start packing up his desk and personal bits and pieces until 1am on the day he was going, we never had a conversation about how much money he would have to live on and exactly how much of a starving student he was going to be.

For my part, I've been determined not to be a nuisance this week, so I've kept out of his hair apart from texting him when various letters have arrived. Once he's settled in I may suggest he tells me what he's been spending and then we can work on whether that's sustainable or reasonable.

And I've just realised that as he didn't spend much time learning to cook before he went, he probably doesn't realise what a low smoke point olive oil has. I'd better text him about that right now!

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