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Mine's bigger than yours... - dorsetgirl
October 6th, 2013
10:54 am
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Mine's bigger than yours...
Up before the lark this morning to watch Del Potro's final in Tokyo against Raonic - he of the net incident in Montreal. Not as good a match as the semi-final against Nico Almagro, but the result was the right one. It's Delpo's third trophy this year, and sixteenth in his career to date. And his good friend Marco was cheering from the player's box.

Much more civilised hour for Djokovic's final against Nadal in Beijing, but that went the right way too, so I'm quite the happy bunny today.

Delpo posted a pic of his team with the trophy in the locker room after. I haven't seen Nole's yet, but I suspect his will be bigger...

I've been reading that flights from Tokyo to Shanghai tonight are all sold out; Rohan Bopanna was pleading via Twitter the other day for a lift in someone's private plane. He won the doubles final this morning and is due on court in Shanghai tomorrow but as of a couple of days ago he couldn't get a flight no way no how. Presumably the Shanghai people will do whatever's necessary to get them there, as the new champions in Tokyo.

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Date:October 7th, 2013 07:08 pm (UTC)
Saw his victory and thought of you *g* Djokovic was indeed on form too - I think possibly a little peeved that thanks to Berdych retiring injured after barely any match, Nadal went instantly to Number 1. Still a lot of year left though. I'm excited for them all in Shanghai, and also my doubles playing babies, Fleming and Marray ♥
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Date:October 7th, 2013 08:08 pm (UTC)
If my youngest had got up half an hour later this post would have been a good deal longer and more flaily! He got up about five minutes before the end so I didn't feel able to jump up and down waving my arms about and (silently!) screaming for joy like I did for the semi-final. And then I had to try to post quickly with people wandering in and out.

Got to admit I literally gasped out loud the first time I saw this picture - very fortunate I was alone at the time! It was a much bigger version I saw first, but I can't go searching for it atm. Some sites have cropped across the shirt, but I'm pleased to see Wimbledon have elected to keep the happy trail!

I was very pleased that Djokovic won too, but I did limit myself to watching the last ten minutes. I have a little picture story in mind based on the title of this post, and spent far too long this afternoon acquiring the various elements. Because, of course, Nole's is bigger...
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