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Hunger Games 2 - No spoilers - dorsetgirl
November 23rd, 2013
06:43 pm
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Hunger Games 2 - No spoilers
Just a quick drive-by posting for anyone who's wondering whether The Hunger Games 2, Catching Fire is worth watching - IT TOTALLY IS!

My only tiny complaint would be that the guy playing Finnick (the most beautiful man in the world) is a bit too close to the American ideal of male beauty (even though he's from Suffolk lol) to be truly beautiful to my eyes. Y'know, blond, square jaw, teeth, all that. And it did look to me rather as though they'd tried to insist on him doing a full Hollywood smile every two minutes, but him being an English boy it really didn't look as if it was coming naturally to him at all. That whole showing-your-teeth-all-the-time thing is just too American to look normal but hey, it's an American film so fair dos.

Anyway, if you liked the books or the first film, this is well worth seeing. Absolutely excellent in fact; it followed the book really well. I shed quite a few tears.

And now I need to come down from that and get ready for Doctor Who. I'm a bit nervous about it because Moffat, but we shall see *crosses fingers*

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