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Just for once, can't somebody else take some responsibility please. - dorsetgirl
April 30th, 2014
08:25 am
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Just for once, can't somebody else take some responsibility please.
Bloody annoyed right now. OH has a consultation this morning about a possible cataract operation and he expects ME to do the research on possible complications because “you’re better at remembering”. No I’m not, I just work harder, read more, take notes, and don’t expect to be told the truth without a lot of digging and questioning.

Youngest has been invited for a Meningitis C jab. In general we don’t do vaccinations so there’s some more research, oh and by the way he’s just told me the deadline for the permission form is tomorrow.

Middle and youngest both have work shadowing coming up. We’re supposed to organise those ourselves. Youngest is supposed to be shadowing a family member. I wrote to the school two years ago on this subject, explaining that neither of us have jobs that are appropriate or useful for shadowing, and that the nearest family member with such a job is three hours and 200 miles away. And as a family with autistic tendencies we don’t have rafts of useful friends (and all of OH’s friends are penniless musicians anyway). I also pointed out that I see this method as being deliberate perpetuation of privilege or disadvantage, and it wasn’t done this way when I was at school - the school did the organisation and accepted that not everybody had useful contacts or daddies who worked in the city. (This school has grandiose ideas nowadays about who its students are and where they're going.)

They never bothered answering, so this time I’m going to send them the same letter, make it clear it’s the same letter, and copy it to the Council Education Department. And possibly my MP.

Anyway, OH will be back from the paper shop soon, so back to my research...

Oh yes, and the hob is going home rapidly. I’m down to an oven and one small ring right now. More research, more expense. I’m drowning.

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Date:April 30th, 2014 02:59 pm (UTC)
Eeeeeek, what a lot of faff to wade through. I agree the work shadowing thing is ridiculous - and I have to say I recall work shadowing as a teen to be utterly pointless anyway, given that I had no relations who did anything I wanted to do, as nice as their jobs were, and the highlight of my day was getting to buy a sandwich at lunchtime...

BTW, I'm guessing you've heard about poor Juan Martin and his wrist? Was thinking of you when I read about it! I really hope we do get at least some more of him this year...
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Date:April 30th, 2014 08:27 pm (UTC)
I suppose the general concept of work shadowing or work experience is a good one, because even when I was at Uni I had never seen an office environment and was completely unable to imagine how my day/life might be in an office job. I had a Saturday job in a shop and that's all I knew, but I also knew I wasn't doing a degree to work in a shop.

Yes, poor Juan Martín, this really is a massive setback for him, and so unfair when he had finally climbed back up to number 4. The interesting thing is that, when he finally admitted he'd been having problems for two years, not only did it seem to explain some of his more surprising defeats, but it also explained something I found extremely odd last November:

I saw an interview with Novak Djokovic at the end of the World Tour Finals at the O2. He was asked about a number of top players - Delpo at number 4 being among them - and (paraphrasing wildly) this is what he said about each:

Rafa - oh yes, Rafa's very strong, he'll do very well next year.

Andy - oh yes, Andy is a very good player, he is sure to be a danger next year

Fed - oh yes, Roger is doing well again, he is always to be considered a strong rival

Delpo - er, yes, er, Delpo is an excellent player and, er, I'm sure, er, he will, um, do very well next year.

I have over-simplified but I have not exaggerated the difference between his response on Delpo and on the others. So I speculate that Djokovic, as a friend, was perhaps one of the few people to really know what was going on with Delpo, and that made it very difficult for him to talk about Delpo doing well this year. (I think it was the Indian Wells semi-final last year where Nole looked genuinely delighted at the net that Delpo had beaten him!)
Date:May 2nd, 2014 12:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah, you're right, that does shed interesting light on that interview. I'm sure you're right that Novak did know more about what was going on with Delpos injury than he wanted to say. In fact in general I think they must know more about each other's aches and pains than they let on. And feel more sympathy, I always sense, than happens in other sports. I like that about tennis.

There was an upbeat piece on the ATP site today saying he's finishing the post-operative rest and starting rehab *crosses fingers*
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