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On being awkward... - dorsetgirl
June 26th, 2014
08:25 am
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On being awkward...
OH has got the hump with me, just for a change. He's arranged to go and do something connected with his hobby this morning, and to that end has spent the past half an hour moving boxes about. Luckily I established several years ago that this was a job better suited to teenage boys than knackered middle-aged women, but I was still slightly surprised (and pleased, obviously) that he didn't ask me to help.

Just before he went out he asked if I was planning to go out today. There's the shopping to do of course, and I really ought to go to bank-town to do bank stuff. He asked me what time I was planning to go out and I said I didn't know. So then he said he was planning to go swimming after the hobby-thing so could I perhaps do my going out after that, because he had another parcel coming. It was all perfectly polite and friendly, and on the face of it quite reasonable, but what he was actually saying was "I've arranged my day - I'm playing, hobbying, all day - and I'd like you to arrange your day, at zero notice, around waiting for my (hobby-related) parcel to arrive." This is by no means the first time this has happened, and I've had enough of it.

This is a man who is very well-meaning, kind and generous, but self-centred to an incredible degree (typical only child!) I don't think it actually occurs to him he's being selfish, but it's got to be stopped - I sometimes feel that I need to be a contrary bitch just for the sake of it, to stop him from walking all over me.

So I said - almost politely - that I didn't know if it was convenient to wait in for him to get back and that he needed to stop arranging for parcels to arrive on days when he had no intention of being here.

He walked out without another word and drove off. When I came into the sitting-room to write this I discovered that he'd left the light on, dumped a pile of his magazines on my computer chair, and there are instruments and papers all over the settee so there's nowhere to sit.

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