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I know we're all Europeans now, but nobody actually asked my opinion... - dorsetgirl
July 26th, 2014
09:55 pm
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I know we're all Europeans now, but nobody actually asked my opinion...
Or the shorter version: Total Facepalm

With this very hot weather, I've been buying more icecream than usual. One variety I've looked at several times (because it's very cheap...) is called "Daim", and it claims to be "Daim flavour icecream with Daim pieces."

I'd never heard of "Daim", and given that the stuff was right next to "icecream with Oreo pieces" I suppose I assumed it was another American biscuit and wasn't particularly inclined to try it. To be honest, though, it puzzled the hell out of me that there could be something apparently well-known enough to make an icecream flavour of it that I'd never heard of. (And yes, I have heard of Oreos even though they're American.)

Today middle son came shopping with me, and I asked him if he'd ever heard of "Daim". First he laughed at my pronunciation (being an English person in England, and having no reason not to, I'd used English spelling rules and come up with "daym"). He said that he didn't really know what the stuff was, but all his friends pronounce it "da-yim" - with a short 'a' as in cat - rather like the mock-American pronunciation of "damn".

So this evening I finally remembered to look it up. And it turns out that DAIM IS A DIME BAR! IT'S A DIME BAR! (And apparently the name is Swedish, or perhaps German, and is therefore pronounced exactly the same as Dime.)

Now, I used to love Dime Bars. Really, really, love them. But over the years I'd forgotten they existed, presumably because Waitrose don't sell them. But I will say this - I have a very good visual memory, and if I'd ever seen an advert, on television or in a magazine or paper, for "Daim", I would have remembered it and not been standing crossly in the shop wondering what the hell "Daim" was. I mean, when they changed Marathon to Snickers (and no, I have never bought one since, just on principle), and they changed Opal Fruits to Starburst, they made sure everybody knew about it. So why this one was so low-profile I have no idea.

Anyway, now I know that "Daim" is really a Dime Bar, I'm getting that ice-cream tomorrow!

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