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A minor rant - dorsetgirl
October 10th, 2014
11:17 am
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A minor rant
Why are people who work in Archives all posh for Christ's sake?

I phone up the County Records Office for the place I come from and talk to them in my faintly local accent and give them my extremely local name and they don't know how to spell it. And they talk at me with their dinky little posh-school voices and they all sound as if they're about to start telling me about the ponies Daddy has bought for them and how jolly super it's all going to be.

Yes, OK, maybe I still feel inferior to these people, because when I was growing up the only people that had local accents were peasants, pretty much. At secondary school we always got told off for using non-standard constructions and everyone with the slightest bit of authority - including every last one of the teachers - talked posh.

The staff you actually meet at archives are slightly more likely to be normal, but on the phone sometimes I just want to jump up and down and interrupt them and say, "Look, I realise that you're short staffed, but you know what, that's not actually my fault. And do you know who I am - me with my forty-years-faded local accent that you can't seem to understand? I'm the paying customer, that's who I am. And if you took a good look at your procedures you could cut out a lot of work and unnecessary delay and get the money in quicker."

I realise I'm being impatient, but that's a core part of my personality and I don't think it's going to change now. For the past twenty years I've spent most of my time trying to do things at other people's speed and convenience and it's very hard work. And when I do something for myself, I need it to happen before I have to do the shopping or hang out the washing or start cooking the tea. I want it now, dammit!

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Date:October 10th, 2014 05:25 pm (UTC)
I completely understand.
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