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Some days I hate Twitter - dorsetgirl
October 21st, 2014
10:17 pm
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Some days I hate Twitter
This is one of those days when I kind of hate Twitter. It definitely has its plus points, but one of its bad points is the way people from all over the world, from many different cultures and having a variety of mother tongues, come together in disapproval to reach some kind of consensus of intolerance. I don't know whether it's the use of non-native language, or the effects of different cultures each imposing a narrowing filter on attitudes, but either way it's not pretty.

At this moment Twitter is full of the news that Novak Djokovic's wife Jelena has had her baby. That's lovely, of course. Many people are retweeting a picture of a tightly-swaddled newborn baby. Also lovely. But people are complaining that retweeting this picture is (a) an invasion of privacy and (b) "creepy". And worst of all - someone is complaining that "people actually tweeted Novak and Jelena" and saying that she finds that "distasteful". The fuck? These people have PR-style twitter accounts precisely so they can communicate with their fans; how on earth is it "distasteful" to use those accounts to congratulate the happy couple?

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