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On providing a taxi service... - dorsetgirl
December 9th, 2016
08:37 pm
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On providing a taxi service...
This is the first year that we've had two of the kids both away at university. Eldest did his first and second year, and then lived at home while he did his year in industry. Middle son being two years younger, that was the year he was away for his first year. He's now in second year, and eldest is in final year, so it's just us two and youngest son here this year. It's not as odd and awkward as I feared it might be, but next year is going to be odd - so far I have no idea where any of them are going to be.

Oldest might stay on for an MSc, or do an MSc somewhere else, or get a job, or be unemployed. If the latter, I'm guessing he'll live at home, but in the other three cases, he could be anywhere in the country.

Middle son might do a year in industry, and he might do that anywhere in the country. Or, most likely, he'll go straight into final year where he is.

Youngest son has four conditional offers and is waiting to hear from the fifth, so with any luck he'll be at the university of his choice next year. His five options are spread all over the country, so he could be anywhere.

In the short term, I have to do a bit of juggling next weekend. Oldest and middle have both separately informed me that they're planning on coming home for Christmas next Sunday. Because trains from their uni towns come into different London stations, they will end up at different (relatively-)local stations. So I shall have fun keeping track of their journeys throughout the day (three trains for each of them, total journeys of 7 hours and 4 hours respectively), and then co-ordinating who's going to be where when and whether I can do them both without keeping someone waiting too long.

Stations really don't seem to go in for warm comfortable waiting rooms nowadays, so I shall just have to do my best. I'd already told middle son that with two of us and two vehicles, there wouldn't be any problem, but now OH has announced there's a gig he really wants to go to next Sunday. So he's going to it. It's a good job I don't have a life, but on the plus side, I have found over the years that the journey home is the best - sometimes the only - time to get any information about what they've been doing, so that will be good. Just not so sure I'm looking forward to my food bills doubling...

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