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Well, a weird experience this afternoon: I'm in the kitchen illictly… - dorsetgirl
July 31st, 2008
03:43 am
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Well, a weird experience this afternoon: I'm in the kitchen illictly scribbling a bit of Survival instead of getting lunch, when I hear my normally music-hating middle son humming - clearly and accurately - a lovely tune I hadn't heard for about thirty years. Last time I heard it, it was being played on the Celtic harp (by a guy named Alan Stivell), so I couldn't begin to imagine how my son had heard it.

So, I come in and ask him about the tune, and he la-las a bit, and I la-la a bit, and then he says - "It's on an Eve video." So he plays me the video (Eve is an online game btw) and sure enough, it's on an Eve video. Wow! A traditional Breton song is online on an Eve video. The world is a weird and wonderful place.

So I've just spent half an hour with google and YouTube, because all I could remember was that it was probably on the same album as Tri Martolod, which I also remember very well indeed (including quite a few of the words even though they are in Breton!). Anyway, the tune is from the song "Son ar Chistr" (Cider Song) and it seems it's sampled in Scooter's "How Much is the Fish", which is the track on the Eve video.

And it's nice to see that Alan Stivell hasn't changed much since I saw him at the Colston Hall in Bristol in about 1977. (Queen were playing the Hippodrome the same night, but I'd seen them several times already, so I wasn't worried about missing them).

And it appears some of his albums aren't easy to get hold of nowadays, so it's a pity mine are up in the loft somewhere, presumably warped to buggery. Ah well.

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