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Series Rewatch - Series 1, Episode 2 - dorsetgirl
August 3rd, 2008
12:00 am
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Series Rewatch - Series 1, Episode 2



The sound is so much clearer on DVD – this is the first time I’ve seen this ep on DVD, apart from screencapping for my Kiss icon. 


1:07                 Is that really a spirit measure? Is he really so organised on his very first night? He’s got stuck into the Scotch in a very big way! Oh, it’s not his first night, is it – I forgot I never finished watching 1.02!


2:20                 He cuts his finger and he sure as hell feels it.


3:08                 I love it when he jumps on them from behind. He could jump on me from behind if he wants.


3:25                 Sam and Gene working together on this one!


3:45                 Sam is totally checking out Gene’s package! And it’s very fitting that Gene has the bigger medallion and thicker chain.


3:50                 He’s definitely putting that badge back in his knickers!


7:50                 I think if I’d seen this on DVD originally, I’d have fallen in love with Gene immediately. Those eyes! They just don’t come over so well on a TV ten feet away.


8:15                 Gorgeous back view of Gene – those legs! That arse!


9:28                 I think this scene was part of the inspiration for Order Of Business – those nipples!


10:10               Extraordinary – the kind of period detail that really helps to make this series. June stands there and calmly carries on chatting about her ring when she’s been asked to do a job. Even though she has the perfectly valid excuse that it’s not in her job description, I really can’t see anyone getting away with that nowadays.


12:15               Do we see the medallion quite so clearly throughout the series? I don’t recall seeing it so much in later eps.


12:45               And Sam knows he hasn’t done so much of the right thing as he thought he was doing. He looks very uneasy and guilty here.


13:00               Lovely use of personal space. This is the screencap that I have both John and Phil’s autographs on! A very precious possession.


16:15               I think this is one of the moments that made me love Sam. He is trying so hard to do his job in the best possible way, the professional way, and it’s going wrong.


17:05               It was Sam that Gene took with him to the scene, leaving Ray behind. And now Gene is standing with Ray and Sam is left out.


18:20               “I want to be able to look her Dad in the eye...” This is not the only time that Gene appears to be more concerned about how he’s going to deal with the family rather than actually doing the job. It happens in the Simon Lamb episode too.


23:15               I had a yellow shirt very like that one Annie’s wearing. Yeah, that’s significant.


24:00               “That would be nice.” I love the way that even though I’m watching this closely and fairly analytically, I really never see John there on the screen. I see Sam. Even with Gene I think “cor, look at Phil’s eyes” or “I love the way Phil does that expression” or even just “I really fancy Phil.” With Sam, it’s just Sam, however close I look. Amazing acting.


So I’m officially cracked. There’s a fly crawling about my screen and I’m trying to wave it away with the cursor. (It’s not working.)


27:00               I love the way when Sam lands two good punches, Gene goes straight for the balls.


29:20               Tits in a Jumper. This scene is often cited as evidence of Gene being sexist or boorish, but to me he always comes over as being very ill-at-ease with the lady. Sure, he’s transfixed by the knockers, but the double entendres are arising from his trying not to leer or think about them too much, not from him trying to intimidate her.


34:00               “EEE, I dunnaaww”. Yes, Gene is being unpleasant here, taking the piss out of Leonard just because he’s deaf. But we all did. This doesn’t say anything about Gene’s character at all. There was a boy in my junior school who had a deaf aid; his name was Lenny and he didn’t speak very clearly because he’d gone deaf at an early age. We genuinely thought he was stupid because of that (we were eleven years old and no-one told us different). Looking back, yes, we were horrible to him; that’s how it was then, which was one of the things Matt & Ash wanted to explore with this show. Still doesn’t say anything particular about Gene, just that the writers have given him almost all the non-PC things to say. Practically everyone else in the station would have been making the same assumptions as Gene did.


41:50               Sam wants Chris and Ray to keep watch outside Leonard’s flat and Gene says “All right then; but they won’t like it.” By modern standards that is a huge admission of defeat; whether they would like it or not should simply be so irrelevant that the senior manager would say it with a laugh if he said it at all. Gene says it as a piece of information Sam ought to have.


42:30               Slash alert! I adore this bit: “Is it too early in our relationship to ask him out?” They’re both so awkward, both very keen to prolong the conversation but they’re too nervous or uncomfortable to be able to think of something to actually say. And Sam’s little look after Gene walks off to his darts match – “Did that really happen? Am I reading this wrong?”


43:45               “If you give them babysitting jobs...” Phyllis also thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for Ray and Chris to skive off from a job they’ve been given by a superior officer. Whether or not she knows at this point that Gene let them off is not relevant (I don’t think she does); it’s the fact that she thinks this is OK to say.


45:00               At this point, Gene says they need to get bobbies covering all the junctions leading out of Leonard’s estate. But a few minutes later he doesn’t see that they should do the same with the cars? Doesn’t add up.


45:45               Sam is giving orders here – hold back those units – and Gene is taking it.


50:30               My hero! This is where the Sam half of my Kiss icon comes from. I love the way his eyes follow Gene and keep staring yearningly after him.


51:30               “You said you’d protect us; and you did.” Sam doesn’t look convinced. Leonard’s expectations of the police have been satisfied; he expects so much less of them than Sam expects of himself.


54:30               “Gene!” Sam thinks he’s dying; he thinks these might be his final moments, and at this desperate time he doesn’t call for his Mum, he calls for Gene. He wants Gene. Or, less slashily, he already has so much respect for Gene’s strength and leadership that he thinks Gene can magically appear and save him from this. Bless.


55:25               Ultimate recognition: “You in, Tyler?” Is this the first time Sam has been invited to join the inner circle of the poker game?


56:00               Eye-fucking. Not a glimpse of anyone else; just these two in their own private world. Fantastic.



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