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Comm Rewatch - Episode 1.03 - dorsetgirl
August 10th, 2008
09:22 pm
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Comm Rewatch - Episode 1.03

I'm really enjoying this group rewatch, as I very seldom make the time to actually watch episodes as opposed to writing or reading fic.


00:10               I love this – this is about the most uncomplicated bit of happy!Sam we ever see imo.


01:25               Phil does this so well – that just-woken-up look!


02:00               I remember bopping to Ballroom Blitz! Great track, full of life and excitement. And people say the Seventies were drab – I just don’t remember them like that at all.


2:30                 What I don’t understand about this episode is why no-one in the factory recognised belt injuries immediately. They were not uncommon – the characters even say so, I believe.


3:00                 I love the way Sam is rabbitting on about his flat and Gene just doesn’t take any notice!


04:45               Sam has no idea what temperature to expect the chimney to be. John is so good at this understated stuff. I like the way we don’t see Ted Bannister approaching, just as Sam doesn’t.


06:25               Gene calls the mill manager “Sir”. I don’t recall him doing that very often?  


07:30               “The first one to speak did it.” Well, Bannister speaks first of course, but perhaps he’s the person who feels in some way the most responsibility in the matter. He understands before anyone else what the implications are for the future of the mill. He is therefore the most ill-at-ease, as the perpetrator would tend to be. But does he realise it was an accident, or does he think it was part of the general unrest between the old-style union people and the ones who are more keen to do the triple shifts?


08:45               Is Gene really that insecure in himself if he can allow Litton to wind up to the extent that he commits himself to nailing the murderer by tea-time? This isn’t the only time he mentions tea-time iirc, but that only makes sense if he finishes work early and is home by tea-time. Most people who work standard days don’t actually get tea-time, surely, because they’re travelling between 5-30 and 7 or so.


09:45               “You think he’s innocent?” “Yes, he is. He’s innocent.” Sam is expressing total certainty here – based on what? Ted’s size, age and fitness. Is that forensic enough? *g*


09:55               I love the way Gene thinks increasing the stake in the bed by a Party Seven on top of the tenner makes it even more attractive!


10:10               “No fight”. After the general taunts and trying to get him to take the bet, even “cowardy custard”, it’s the accusation of “No fight” that really gets Sam’s back up. That really strikes at the heart of who he is.


11:00               A Sam/Annie moment, and Gene comes along very deliberately and breaks it up.


11:20               The whole business with Dodds is presumably expo for the viewer for later on, but for the characters it comes over as Gene showing off to Sam!


12:25               Did Gene really expect someone to speak up in front of everybody just because he waved a fiver at them? He doesn’t look comfortable doing it, somehow. And Sam shows himself the harder man here. Gene is gobsmacked by the joke confession and seems not to know what to do. Sam pulls the no-sense-of-humour card to get them through without loss of face.


13:10               Sam is supposed to be seriously impressed by a Party Seven. They must surely have worked out by now that he isn’t the live-to-drink kind of bloke.


14:25               The bloke who plays Bannister is extremely good. Nicely underplayed and very realistic.


14:40               OMG, Gene’s eyes. This man just gets better looking with each viewing!


16:10               “I want to see a lot of holes.” This is Gene at his most unreasoning. Sam mentions a long blade, and suddenly it’s all about Sikhs’ daggers. Why why why did no-one cotton on to the belt thing, especially as Sam mentioned an attack at speed. You’d think being a mill area someone on the team would have relatives who’d worked in that sort of factory?


16:35               One of the best Sam quotes: “Nothing beats the satisfaction of a thorough investigative process.”


17:00               Sam brings in his 2006 motivational techniques. Even though he’s a DI and technically in charge of these men, he very seldom actually manages them if Gene is around.


18:23               Is Sam combing his hair there, to look pretty for Gene? And he’s got nice trousers on this week.


18:55               When Sam and Annie go through the gates and are walking towards the building, isn’t that the same place where Gene doubles back to pick Sam up in the Tony Crane episode?


20:50               “Gay-boy science has its place.” Lovely. And then he gets the legs cut out from under him because the picture is so clearly Ted Bannister. Mind you, even the first time I saw this episode it was obvious that the initial “hamster-cheeks” picture was Bannister. It’s a little unrealistic that Sam didn’t see that at the time.


22:35               “Thank you for getting him off the street.” Gene is being a complete arsehole here. One of those occasions where he really isn’t particularly likeable. Of course he wasn’t written to be a nice guy, and it’s easy to forget that when he’s so sexy and so complex.


25:42               “There’s hope that Crester’s could go on another 20, 30, 40 years.” John is so good with the subtle expressions. He knows different and we see that, but Bannister wouldn’t notice.


28:00               The track that Ray plays on the cassette player is one that is played at the wedding in 1.08 isn’t it? Wishing Well by – Free???


31:20               “Multiple buggery – with menaces”. Now then, what could have caused Sam to think of buggery at this time? I like Mikey’s theory that Gene and Sam got together at the end of end of 1.02.


36:15               I do like the way Sam’s trousers fit around the, er, waist area. *is shallow*


43:00               The Curly-Wurly moment. I never noticed this until (I think) <lj user=fawsley> pointed it out. So Gene gets that chocolate and he sucks it right in front of Sam. What a pity it looks as if there’s nothing in the packet.


44:30               Sam solves the case. And Gene didn’t have a clue the whole way through. A clear triumph for Sam’s procedures over Gene’s instinct.


46:55               Wow, that’s a sharp suit Gene’s got on. Someone mentioned in the rewatch comments at Lifein1973 that his hair is all over the place in this episode, and he certainly does look different in this scene.


46:10               Ah, it’s the Health & Safety issue Ted is worried about.


46:50               The case is solved, but Sam stays late writing up all the interviews. The man is conscientious, you can’t take that away from him. Also, I love watching John doing his uptight little writing thing. He gets all hunched up over the paper – he did it just the same for Elling iirc.


48:50               Sam thinks they should call Litton, and Gene is still hurting over Litton getting awards. I don’t think it’s the award from the Mayor, or the fact that he got on the front page that upsets Gene. It’s simply the recognition of a job well done that Gene craves, and presumably doesn’t often get.


49:25               That’s interesting; Sam leads the way into the factory, and Gene brings up the rear. How did the Genie assign himself the place at the back? Not his usual style. Are we supposed to assume that Sam has decided to go first and Gene has let him?


50:25               Sam saves Ray. And doesn’t show any hesitation at all in doing things his way, even though Gene would have him shoot the guy. There are quite a few instances, I think, where Sam talks his way out of trouble under a gun – the “IRA” episode is one, at the end in the vaults. Can’t think of any others off-hand though.


51:10               Even with a gun right at his head, Sam is still thinking and talking and negotiating. He really is all about the head. He carries on thinking and talking when Derek has the gun on Gene. Is he deliberately trying to get Derek rattled? Bit of a risky strategy, but it works out.


53:18               “You OK?” I love that bit. Gene says it so soft, so real. He can see Sam isn’t hit, but he still wants to make sure. Bless.


55:00               “You’re not on your own. Nobody is. Not unless you want to be.” That’s a very important moment for Sam. Is this where he starts to change his attitude to the team and trying to fit in more? I haven’t seen the episodes often enough to remember all the small details. Then Bannister says “You’re right; it is a war. But at least I know what I’m fighting for.” And then the next thing is the fight against Litton. Which Sam provokes. So yes, I think this is where he makes a conscious decision to be more part of the team and fight for them and alongside them. Plus, we know that Gene really wants to beat Litton in some way, and Sam knows that too. So he’s doing it for Gene. Awww...


56:15               But Sam makes this provocative comment and then looks utterly gobsmacked that it results in a bundle. Proving that he still hasn’t really understood these people.


56:32               Synchronised policing. Gene and Sam totally get their act together physically.


56:50               “I’ve been thinking about what’s important” says Sam to Annie. And Gene breaks it up instantly. Again. “I can’t. Needs two.” Like there’s no-one else he could get to do it. But no, he wants Sam to do it with him. Oh yes.


57:03               Eye-fucking again, this time over a can of beer. Bless these two, I love ’em.






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Date:August 11th, 2008 04:27 am (UTC)
I really tried to join in this week, but I kept falling asleep, because that's what watching telly in the evenings does to me, apparently *hangs head in shame*

“No fight”. After the general taunts and trying to get him to take the bet, even “cowardy custard”, it’s the accusation of “No fight” that really gets Sam’s back up. That really strikes at the heart of who he is.
I know this is the theme of the ep, that Sam has to keep fighting in 2006, but it reminds me of Back to the Future where Marty is always getting into trouble because he can't back down when people call him chicken.

“Thank you for getting him off the street.” Gene is being a complete arsehole here.
I know. I hate that bit, but as you say, it's part of who Gene is, and his general sexiness does make us forget that he can be a not-very-nice-man sometimes.

“Multiple buggery – with menaces”. Now then, what could have caused Sam to think of buggery at this time?
I'm saying nothing. I'm sure we're on the same wavelength *g*

“You OK?” I love that bit.
*happy sigh* Oh, me too :D

Nice commentary, DG. I'm far too lazy to write my own, but I like to read others' :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts ♥
[User Picture]
Date:August 11th, 2008 09:26 am (UTC)
I kept falling asleep

Well, if you're up and LJ'ing at 5-30 in the morning that could explain it!

I'm no good at all that clever analysis stuff - I hadn't even spotted that the episode was all about Sam fighting until I saw someone else's comment - but I'm coming to realise that between the ficcing and never having control of the TV when anyone else is here I never re-watch the eps. Which is stupid, because I'm loving this.

he can be a not-very-nice-man sometimes

You presumably typed that, and I certainly read that, with a completely straight face. Which is sort of amusing given that this character was written to be a complete arsehole, the total antithesis of everything Sam stands for. We were supposed to hate him and be grateful the world wasn't like that any more. There's a lot of interesting material in there for someone to analyse why we like Gene so much and the whole business about loving someone who does things you don't like. (Like Sam...)

And it's actually not the fact that he's one of the sexiest characters I've ever seen *g* because I honestly didn't spot that on first viewing *headdesk*. It's to do with his motivation and his intelligence and his loyalty and caring.

Thanks for commenting, it's lovely to know that someone is reading!
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