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LOMFic - Comm Rewatch Drabble - 1.02 - dorsetgirl
September 8th, 2008
12:19 am
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LOMFic - Comm Rewatch Drabble - 1.02

In the pub, they sit closer than usual; no careful one-inch gap tonight. They’re both still shaking as they breathe together, warmth and whisky bringing them down.

Gene stretches slightly and lifts his glass. He stares into the amber depths and speaks quietly:
“Thought you were a goner there, Sam. Wasn’t sure I could get in there before he fired.”
Sam manages a smile, but it’s a poor thing, fleeting and weak.
“Didn’t know you cared, Guv.”
Gene’s voice is a low murmur. He keeps his gaze fixed in his glass as Sam watches his lips move.
“Neither did I.”

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