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Education Rant – Mr Asshole Sends a Letter - dorsetgirl
September 14th, 2008
04:45 pm
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Education Rant – Mr Asshole Sends a Letter

Further to my rant the other day, on Saturday I got a letter from Mr Asshole. He hasn’t seen fit to let me know whether he copied it to the person who is supposed to deal with the matter.

There are quite a few points that could be made about this when I have a little more time, but the important one for now is that OH and I are completely unable to agree on how to read this – ie the tone of it. I’d welcome any comments on that. Thanks to everyone who commented the other day; I will reply to your comments individually as soon as I’ve finished writing the letter I have to write in reply to this one!

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Date:September 18th, 2008 12:44 pm (UTC)
Hello, popping in and this caught my interest.

That tone? Totally unacceptable. I would never speak to a parent like that. It's smug, patronising and condescending --- very much 'putting you in your place'. And it completely disregards what your request was, making it seem like you were trying to get your son to do less homework when, quite the opposite, you were worried about the inconsistency of homework set. Then, it's trying to suggest you're not fulfilling your duty as caregiver by not signing the book, when you wanted to make homework more of your son's and your responsibility!

It's obvious school bureaucracy is absolutely disgusting no matter what angle you come at it from.
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Date:September 18th, 2008 01:38 pm (UTC)
Totally unacceptable ... smug, patronising and condescending

Thank you! That is exactly how I read it, and that's why I made sure the SENCO got a copy from me. OH had opened it and read it first, as it was addressed to both of us, and he thought it merely informative. Ack. I pointed out that "may I politely remind you" is something you say when you want to be intensely rude while keeping the lid on and he couldn't see it at all. Men.

This guy actually is a teacher (Art) rather than a career administrator, but he's obviously of the older style which assumes that because he is a teacher and I am 'only' a parent, he is obviously, automatically and by definition more intelligent and better educated than I am. Not so likely, as it happens.

I've since had a letter from the SENCO agreeing to my son doing his own planning. She says "Having consulted with [Mr Asshole] we have agreed to let [my son] manage his own homework with your help and support, initially for two weeks, to be reviewed on Friday 26th. If he is completing it to a good standard and on time, this will obviously continue. I do accept that there will be "blips" but we will be realistic in our expectations."

I suspect their idea of realistic incorporates rather less in the way of "reasonable adjustments" than mine, but it's progress.

Thank you for telling me what you thought of it.
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