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LOMFic - All Yours - dorsetgirl
September 23rd, 2008
01:49 pm
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LOMFic - All Yours
Title:    All Yours
Author: DorsetGirl
Fandom: Life on Mars
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters or their universe. BBC/Kudos do. I’m not making any money out of this.
Rating: Blue Cortina for sexy talk
Pairings: Sam/Gene
Word Count:  100
Summary: Sam tempts Gene – or does he?
A/N: Just a quick drabble. Written between drinks and songs at Deal Maritime Folk Festival on Sunday.
All Yours
Gene leered across the room and nudged Sam. “Cor, look at the arse on that. Bet she’d go for a bit of the old pork sword.”
Unexpectedly, Sam grinned, then turned and murmured in his ear, “What about my arse, Guv?”
He stood up slowly, stumbling against the table. “Fancy it, do you? With your beef bayonet?”
Gene choked on his beer as Sam pulled down his trousers, bent over and waggled his arse enticingly.
“Go on then, Gene. All yours.”
* * *
Gene woke up, sticky and breathless, the dream still vivid. “Jesus. Perhaps I should get him pissed more often.”

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