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Rusty Has a Book on Writing Coming Out Tomorrow - dorsetgirl
September 24th, 2008
07:38 am
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Rusty Has a Book on Writing Coming Out Tomorrow

I think I just have to have this.

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (cover date 15th October 2008) has a great "end-of-Series-Four" interview with Russell T. Davies, but the reason I'm posting about it is that the article mentions a book that DWM's Benjamin Cook has written with RTD.

It's basically a compilation of emails that Ben and Rusty exchanged more or less daily over a year or so starting in February 2007, and he talks about the writing process as he's working on his scripts for Series Four. Apparently his voice is very much that of the writer, not the Showrunner/Publicist. (I have no idea whether this is mentioned of course, but wasn't Feb07 when John Simm was filming his episodes for the end of Series Three?)

Ben says "For someone better known nowadays by his PR face ... the Russell T. Davies of The Writer's Tale is surprisingly frank. It's full of angst and self-doubt."

Russell says "I think that's the only way to talk about writing. I knew I had to break myself open in order to be honest about scripts. It's fascinating to see Julie [Gardner] and Phil [Collinson] read it, because they know me very well, but even they had no idea of what I go through."

He continues: "After Steven Moffatt had read our book, he emailed me saying 'I thought you just sat there typing all day, laughing.' I imagined he did that too. In a way, all writers are the same. Well, good writers. It's a cry for solidarity. We're all tearing our hair out, living with a massive pressure. If I use my 'publicity voice' - well, that's too easy now. It's a lie."

The book sounds like a must-read to me even though I only write fanfic, and it's going to be the next thing I try to scrape up the money for. It's out tomorrow (Thursday 25th September) and Amazon UK have it for £15.

Also, the magazine itself is particularly good this month, being the 400th issue.

I’ve already posted to TRA, but feel free to lift and re-post this elsewhere as long as you credit Doctor Who Magazine.

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