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LOMFic - Wine and Candles Part 6 - dorsetgirl
October 8th, 2008
08:01 pm
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LOMFic - Wine and Candles Part 6

Title: Wine and Candles (6/6 – Complete at last!)

Author: DorsetGirl

Fandom: Life on Mars

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters or their universe. BBC/Kudos do. I’m not making any money out of this.

Rating: Brown Cortina for sexing

Word Count: 1223

Pairing: Sam/Gene

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Dessert. And about time too.

Author’s Note: I’m not sure if this is the dessert people asked for way back when Wine and Candles was first posted, but it’s the way the boys wanted things done. And Gene is still  talking and thinking even as he finally makes with the sexy. It’s too important for him to just relax and enjoy it.


Previously in this universe: Moving On; Wine and Candles: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5. I don’t do plot, so it’s not necessary to read previous chapters to get this. But it will add depth to what’s happening if you do.


I’ll be honest and admit this could probably do with a little more polishing, but I’m going on holiday on Saturday and I want it out of my WIP folder by then; it’s been hanging around far too long and I want to get back to Survival. Assuming anyone’s feeling kind enough to comment, I’ll probably see the comments before I go, but I probably won’t be replying until I come back. If anyone’s going to the London meetup on Saturday 18th October – see you there I hope! (PM Wibble at TRA if you’re interested – I think there are a few spaces left).





Wine and Candles – Part 6



“Right. That’s settled then. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve waited a long time for this, and I’m not going to wait another minute.” Gene unbuckled his belt and pushed his trousers down as he turned to Sam, cock standing proudly to attention. “I’m going to plough your arse till you scream, so if you ever want to wear those trousers again, I suggest you take them off.”



* * *


Gene stared down at the sleek, beautiful body joined to his, trying to suppress the ludicrous grin of pride as Sam stared enquiringly up at him.


“You sure you’re OK?” he whispered.


“Said so, didn’t I? You gonna do anything, or were you just planning on looking?”


“OK, Sammy. Never say the Gene Genie doesn’t know how to go for it.” Ruthlessly sweeping aside embarrassing speeches about how long he’d dreamed of this moment, Gene nevertheless couldn’t resist running a hand down Sam’s side and round the smooth curve of his arse. Sam tightened around him and suddenly they were moving easily together in the age-old dance. And Gene definitely wasn’t going to mention the triumphant roar of the Maine Road crowd in his head cheering him on; he already knew that most of the things he’d said today would have been safer kept to himself.


Gene started to move a little faster, watching Sam’s eyelids flicker as he thrust deep. This first time was so important for them, but he didn’t know how Sam liked it best and this was his first time at caring about that. He grunted as he tried to concentrate on being the best Sam had ever had, and as Sam began to moan and beg, Gene knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. He forced himself to stop thrusting, leaning on one elbow to stroke Sam firmly.


“Oh, yes ... like that ... Jesus...” Sam panted, straining upwards to suck and bite at Gene’s shoulder. His muscles tightened around Gene and relaxed as he fell back. “And harder ... I need you to ... do me, Gene.”


The urge to move his hips, to feel Sam’s heat slipping and gripping around him was almost irresistible, but he held his lower body rigidly still as he trailed kisses over Sam’s chest and murmured into his ear. “I’ll do my best for you as long as you want me, Sam. Always.”


Sam moaned beneath him, looking up with blurred eyes. Gene managed to keep enough of a grip on his thoughts to watch Sam’s face; in the dim light he could see the butter-toffee colour darkening as Sam lost focus entirely. “Let me look after you, Sam,” he whispered. “We’ll be so good together, I promise.”


Sam sobbed and moaned and arched towards him as he came, shuddering and gasping and laughing as Gene held him close.


“Oh, God, Gene, that’s so ... good ...”


Gene finally allowed himself to move, gathering speed as he lost control of his own breathing. “OK, Sammy?” he gasped.


Sam didn’t answer, but reached his hands around Gene’s thighs, stroking around the tops of his legs and pulling him in tight. Gene faltered for a moment as his balls came to rest against Sam. “Oh God, Sam, it’s been so long, I’ll make it better next time, I promise ...” Sam tightened his muscles again and Gene couldn’t hold back any more. “I’m sorry, Sammy,” he muttered hoarsely, powering hard and fast into Sam.


As he felt his balls tighten he forced himself to focus dizzily on Sam’s face. “Sam, whatever happens - good things, shitty things - you won’t forget? You’ll let me look after you?"


In his anxiety he clutched Sam’s arms so tightly he could see the flesh turn white around his fingers. ”Please Sam, this means everything to me. Everything...”


Sam half-smiled. “It’s OK, Gene. I won’t forget.”


Gene was almost gone now, but he closed his eyes in a last effort at control. “Sam, please. Promise me!”


He heard the smile in Sam’s voice as he gasped, “I promise, Gene, OK! Just do it for God’s sake!”


Gene felt the relief burning through him and his body clenched; he felt himself falling, spiralling out of control as he pounded into Sam, the blessed release making his heart stutter as the moment stretched into infinity.




Afterwards, he lay breathless for a few minutes, holding Sam close. Eventually he murmured, “Was that OK for you?”


“Mmm, perfect. Sleep now, yeah?”


“Night, Sammy.”



* * *



Sam woke when Gene got up to go to the bathroom. He lay and listened sleepily to the sound of Gene peeing, then heard the tap running as Gene washed himself. He shifted slightly as he straightened the blankets, feeling the warm, sticky trickle for the first time, and he wrinkled his nose at the realisation that he’d probably just agreed to spend the rest of his life lying in the wet patch. Welcome to 1973. Now I know it’s real.


“You’re thinking again, Doris, I can hear it. I don’t like a lot of thinking in bed, makes me nervous.” Gene’s voice made him jump; the tone was sleepy but the words were incisive enough as he landed heavily beside Sam.


Sam debated getting angry, then settled for firmness. “I think you’ll find, Gene, that as it’s my bed, I can do anything I want in it.”


“As long as you don’t start doing anyone you want in it, Sam.” The bed rocked as the silhouette of Gene loomed over him, and Sam felt his arms gripped even more tightly than before. Gene’s face was in shadow, vaguely menacing in the half-light from the kitchen. Sam could hear his breathing, sharp and uneven. “You do understand that, don’t you? No messing about? Just you and me?”


Sam shifted sideways abruptly, unsettling Gene who grunted in surprise. “You giving me orders, Gene? Not the Guv here, you know.” Sam wasn’t going to start practising saying “Yes, Guv” just because the man was – unexpectedly - a beautiful lover. Even if he had just offered, in one brilliantly charismatic, infuriating package, everything Sam had ever wanted.


He stretched out an arm and snapped the light on without warning, catching the anxiety on Gene’s face before it was wiped away.


Gene’s ever-changing eyes glinted in the creamy light of the ancient lamp. “Christ, Sam, why have you always got to doubt me? Why can’t you just trust me for once? I just meant ... I thought ... “ He let go of Sam’s arm for a moment and stroked his face tentatively. “Sam, I wanted us to be ...”




“Fancy long word, Sam.” Gene let go of his other arm and lay down, staring up at the ceiling. “Was thinking more of ‘faithful’. Thought that was the deal.” His voice tailed off in a dull echo of resignation and disappointment. “Thought we were going to be ... together.”


Sam rolled over and ran a hand down his cheek. “We are, silly sod. I’ve got no intention of playing around, got my prize right here. Just ... equals, yeah? No orders, not when it’s just us.”


Sam heard Gene let out his breath in a sharp sigh of relief as he gripped Sam’s hand and kissed it.


“Equals. I can do that. Just don’t go expecting flowers every Friday then, OK?”


“Got it. No flowers.” Sam found himself pulled on top of Gene as a pair of surprisingly gentle arms wrapped warmly around his back. He lay still, enjoying the warmth of Gene’s skin against his for a few minutes. Then Gene spoke again.


“So - we on then? ‘Exclusive’?”


“Faithful.” Sam’s voice was muffled as he burrowed his face into the warm skin of Gene’s neck. “Definitely.”









In this universe, Gene and Sam’s story continues in Anniversary, then, in a very different mood, the Survival series.


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