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More FlashSlash - dorsetgirl
November 2nd, 2008
10:09 pm
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More FlashSlash

Written for Flashslash 80, Prompt 2




Prompt: balcony process independent salacious

Sam leaned over the balcony for a closer look at Gene, almost losing his balance in the process.


“What are you doing down there, Gene?” he slurred. “Thought you were coming up to join me.” He tried to grin salaciously, but the effect was entirely ruined by the fact that he was clinging on to the railing to stay upright. He knew Gene would be able to see just how drunk he was, but decided not to care.


“Gene,” he tried again. “Gene – are you gonna come up? Or am I gonna come down?”


“You pillock, Tyler, you want to wake the entire neighbourhood? Just go back to bed and I’ll see you later, OK?”


“How much later, Gene? ’Cos I’m getting cold sitting, standing, here waiting for you.” He giggled suddenly, as his left foot made an independent bid for the ground through the railings.


Far below, he could hear Gene sigh.


“All right, you win. Not going to stand here and watch you fall over the edge. Just – just sit down, OK, and I’ll come up.”


Sam clung hard to the balcony as Gene strode towards the building. The world was twirling faster now, and he had to work hard not to vomit over the edge until after the beloved blond head had disappeared from view.





“...get you indoors, love, OK?”


“Mmm?” Sam was dimly aware of the sky turning around above him and the cold damp floor of the balcony under his bare feet. The tiles scraped his heels as Gene pulled him indoors, closing the balcony doors on the way.


“Fmmph...” Sam looked up at Gene from his position on the carpet, worried until he saw that Gene was smiling.


“Daft bugger,” he said fondly. “Come on love, come to bed. And don’t throw up over me this time.”



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