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Change of Use - dorsetgirl
July 20th, 2007
09:29 am
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Change of Use
I created this Live Journal account simply as a place to post my Life on Mars fanfic, and to allow me entry to the Lifein1973 community. Now it looks as if I'll be using it to post stuff which is no longer allowed on TRA.

For the whole of the run at the Bush, people were posting about their experiences of seeing the play, from meeting other TRA'ers in the pub beforehand to meeting the cast afterwards. People also posted photos they'd had taken of themselves with John. It was lovely to read all of those things, and also very helpful.

Now, however, this is all forbidden, for reasons which I have to say remain a mystery to me, and I think it's a great pity. So I'll post here the stuff I would previously have put on the Trafalgar Studios thread.

This has led me to think about the whole issue of "Friends" in the internet sense. I'm a bit distrustful of that whole "hey I've no idea who you are but be my Friend" bit, and I have no interest in getting into it. So I have rejected my first idea, which was to friends-lock my diary posts. Instead, I'll make sure everything I post here is fit for public consumption. 

For that reason, I'm not mentioning here the name of the play or the surnames of any of the actors, to minimise the chances of this coming up on google. (I don't mind that for my fics, but for a diary entry it feels a bit creepy.) Anyone coming here from TRA knows which play I'm talking about.


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