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Excuse Me? - dorsetgirl
May 17th, 2009
01:25 am
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Excuse Me?

Got the new Green Day album (21st Century Breakdown) on Friday, and I’m enjoying it quite a lot. Early favourites are Peacemaker and Little Girl, although I’m sure that will change over time. One of the strange things I find with Green Day is that most of their stuff goes past me the first couple of times, and then as I get to know it better it sort of - creeps in. Works its way under my skin, into my spine and heart and fingertips. (Excuse the poeticals, it’s very late here.) Right now, if I had to choose only one piece of music to take to a desert island, it would quite likely be Holiday, from American Idiot, but the first few times I heard it, it simply didn’t register.


So I’m guessing my preferences will change as I get to know the new music better; in the meantime these two tracks are I suppose, the simplest and most - um, don’t know how to describe it - open? Does that make sense?


As so often, this evening I have spent far too much time watching the boys on YouTube (I started with this interview - warning for language). My excuse is that I’m preparing for the concert. Anyway, I came across a sweet little moment in a recording of Holiday live in Milan. Billie’s just fluffed the last note, and he reaches out and holds Mike’s hand just for a moment. Awww.


I’ll stop rambling now, and get back to what I wanted to share in the first place - the daftest line ever. I mean, I love Billie Joe’s lyrics, but seriously - “Little one; little one the sky is falling - your lifeboat of deception is now sailing.” How he manages to sing that with a straight face I don’t know; I haven’t yet managed to hear it without laughing out loud.


I love these guys.




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Date:May 17th, 2009 04:58 am (UTC)
Yay! =D

Green Day seems to be one of those bands that you KNOW their songs mean something, you just don't know what. I mean, after a few times, you have an idea, but you still aren't sure. But isn't that just part of their appeal? (Though, my shallow little self prefers the guitar riffs over the lyrics. =p)
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Date:May 18th, 2009 10:38 am (UTC)
Their words are definitely confusing sometimes! I like the guitar stuff too, but the main thing is - more than any other band I've ever liked - every note, every beat, just seems so crisp and perfect, like you just couldn't imagine it any other way.
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