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La Chica de Ayer - Episode 1.04 Commentary - dorsetgirl
June 5th, 2009
02:32 pm
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La Chica de Ayer - Episode 1.04 Commentary

Note to self from 1.03 commentary:


In the trailer for Capitulo 4, I think Quin calls Sam señorita again, and does he call him Karina? It’s probably “cariño” which means - Sweetheart!!


This seems to be the June episode - we see Sam scrubbing blood off the street, and we see the girl in a hospital bed. I hope they have the post-coital ciggie scene!

(By the way, there is a spoiler for a part of the episode where their plot is different from the UK original.)





In “previously” there are some bits that I haven’t seen, although I thought I’d watched everything up to this point. Perhaps I missed a section. Including Sam dragging Ana into a hotel room (?).


pruebas - evidence


There is the “It’s just like Guantanamo” line, but I didn’t catch what Quin said in return.


I think Quin says to “Kim Trent” - “Animals don’t have rights.” Now I’ve heard it properly, or close enough to look it up, and it it seems to be “Los animales no tienes derechos.”


In his dream it’s Ana in the red dress, running through the woods. Not his mother.


Aw, Cris and Sam are talking in the corner - very slashily imo - and Quin calls them Señoritas! He then says what sounds like “Carina! Tu con mi go” and Sam mutters “My name is Carina?!” I wish he called him sweetheart, but it just doesn’t sound like cariño.


Right, I’m feeling seriously cheated atm, they didn’t show the post-coital scene! Unless that’s coming later. *hopes*


Having it be Ana who gets shot makes it a lot closer to home for Samuel; the conflict is that much greater, weighing up his ideals of evidence and procedure against the human cost of letting scum walk free.


Nice use of Cris - Sam takes him to the poker game (no, I have no idea why) and it turns out he’s really good. He keeps winning. I think Sam then tries to explain to him that this is all illegal and he’d better keep very quiet about it. And then Sam goes back to the hospital, and emotes at Ana’s bedside.


And here comes Quin! He seems to take this all more personally than Gene did June getting hurt. That was just “She’s one of ours”, whereas Quin really does seem upset.


Oh, here it comes! Fight! Fight! Fight! Sam and Quin are both played differently from the originals, but they work, they really do. And I think I might get some good “cuddling” screencaps out of this. And the post-coital scene - they’re not quite as close comfortable together as Gene and Sam in this scene, but it will do for now.


LOLS! Oh, God, I do love this show. It’s the “tits in a jumper” scene - Sam is so annoyed about Quin and Rai peering down her cleavage, so he steps forward to talk to her himself. And as he nods in reply to whatever the hell she’s saying, he finds his own gaze captivated. Frankly, he’s staring at her tits, and it’s so funny - he is so annoyed with himself, and she rolls her eyes and decides to leave. At least she shows a bit more intelligence, awareness and self-respect than the silly cow in the original.


There’s a lot of material for Sam/Cris shippers in this episode - hand-holding all over the place. Stick to what you’re good at, though, and I’m sticking with Sam/Quin. Because it is developing, and it does work. And because Quin is seriously fucking sexy and in some lights so is Sam.


It obviously helps a lot that I already know the story, but seriously, half the time I forget that I don’t actually know what they’re saying. I never felt any compulsion to watch the American version, and it didn’t exactly seem to go down well, but this - this is good. They have a good balance of serious issues and handling things with humour.


The scene I’ve just watched - where Sam reconstructs the scene of the robbers coming out of the jewellers - is hysterically funny, and then they arrive at the spot where Ana lay bleeding, and we feel Sam’s pain all over again. It doesn’t feel forced; the action and emotion and the sudden change of mood in this scene comes from the interplay of Sam’s character and Cris’s, and Rai is funny too. Quin is standing back, watching, letting Sam strut his stuff and learning from it.


And I have to stop there, as it’s almost school run time. Let’s put it this way - I adored Ashes to Ashes 2.07 last week, was totally blown away by it. Swooned at the eyes of the Glenister, marvelled at the interrogation scene. Went on TRA and talked about it at some length.


But I haven’t rewatched Ashes yet, because I have spent so long watching this show instead. That’s how much I like it.


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