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La Chica de Ayer - Capi 1.07 Commentary - dorsetgirl
June 7th, 2009
11:50 pm
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La Chica de Ayer - Capi 1.07 Commentary


They clearly do things quite differently in Spain! I got an email from [info]clonesgirl at around 5 or 6pm to tell me this episode was up on the website - several hours before transmission. I was so annoyed about waiting four hours to get on the computer to start watching,

Overall assessment - not enough Gallardo! This has been an episode where I really wish I understood what’s going on. The story seems quite different from any of the UK stories, and I’m quite lost! This is the first episode I’ve watched straight through without stopping all the time to translate stuff; it’s also the first one I’ve watched more or less “live”, so I haven’t been able to see what other people have said about it to help understand. So I definitely need to watch again soon.




So funny - they’re arguing about how to handle the situation while the hostage taker stands watching with a gun at the woman’s head! And then Gallardo just goes for it. Shoots someone - but couldn’t see whether it was the hostage or the crim that he got.


And a flashback to - what? Sam was there? At the site of the shooting? The one Gallardo has just shot???


We’re nine minutes in to this capi and they’re just starting the credits! They do things a little differently in Spain!


So Quin is a Moscardo fan. I think I just heard him tell Sam this has nothing to do with football - but they’re in the changing rooms at Moscardo. Hmm.


I wonder if this is the same as our football story - ie it’s a Moscardo fan trying to drum up a fight? I’d like to see Ernesto top John’s Hillsborough speech! I don’t think anyone could.


OK, so they have watched the original - I’d been wondering, and Antonio’s and Ernesto’s performances didn’t particularly seem derived from Phil and John’s. But the way he’s reaching out to that screen - that’s pure Simm. Ooh, creepy - now he’s got blood on his fingers from the screen. Nice one.


Their Cris isn’t half as stupid as ours - he’s figured out how to use the database pretty quickly!


And Samuel is swapping over the cartridges - putting the one from the bloke’s clay pigeon shooting into the evidence bag. I got completely lost as to who this bloke is and why Samuel thinks he should be arrested, but he seems determined to get him for something or other. What, though?


What the hell is Gallardo doing in the Tetuan club all by himself???? Is he supposed to be undercover? He doesn’t exactly look as if he’s fading into the background!


And now I think Quin is saying he’s going to arrest all of the Tetuan supporters.


Why did Quin unplug the computer Cris was using? Does he not like his officers doing what Sam says? Just a bit earlier, we had the second occurrence of Cris saying that the Jefe he needed wasn’t Quin, but Samuel. That won’t have gone down well.


OK, I like Gallardo in his tee-shirt, rather a lot. I think I may have to get my hands on a copy of something - anything - where Garrido has less clothes on. Siete Minutos? Or maybe Diary of a Sex Addict - out soon, but there are a lot of characters. It’s only worth it if Garrido has a big, um, part.


And now José and Rosa come to report little!Samuel is missing. Does Sam remember where he went? Does he find himself?

Then I think Quin says something like "So, a child has gone missing? What, are we going to be responsible for cats stuck up trees next?"


Oh, I’m liking this bit - a lovely shot of Samuel and little!Samuel looking into each other’s eyes, and then when the bloke has little!Samuel by the neck, adult!Samuel is choking. Has Gallardo followed him? This capi is lacking Gallardo!


Aw, Gallardo has arrived to save the day! And he asks Samuel if he’s OK. And then does he say Sam can’t manage without him? Or he’s not safe out by himself, something like that? I must hurry up and learn to speak the language!


The time has flown away with itself yet again, and I should have gone to bed an hour ago, so I’ll just post this and then do the sensible thing, late as usual.



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Date:June 10th, 2009 02:07 pm (UTC)
I can't stop laughing, sorry... It's amazing, you get some things incredibly right, and others, incredibly wrong. xDD

I'm joking, you just got one thing wrong: Cristinita didn't learnt how to work the databases, he kept writing and then forgetting to save the data, so he lost hours of work. xDDD But, hey, he learnt the whole list and he was able to help them because of that. xD

And the mysterious man is "El Indio", The Indian, who is supposed to be the bad guy who is harassing Sam's father because he owes him money.

At the end of the episode, Quin saves both Samuels, and then Rosa tells old!Sam that little!Sam wants to become a cop after that. BUT, not because old!Sam save him, but BECAUSE HE THINKS GALLARDO IS AWESOME. That was so Ashes to Ashes and so amazing... :D
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Date:August 5th, 2009 10:44 pm (UTC)
I'm so sorry, I didn't know this comment was here! I don't think I got a notification and I've just found it this evening, so I apologise for answering so late.

Thanks for the explanation about El Indio, and what Rosa says to Samuel at the end - I adore this show so much that I'm happy to watch even when I haven't a clue what's going on, but it is good to understand a little more.

I haven't watched the show for a few weeks now because I'm without a hard disk at the moment, which means no flash player *sob*, and I'm really missing it. When I was watching most days I found I was picking out new words each time.


Well, he's right there - that man could take down my particulars any time. *faints*

I bought a copy of "Swindled" ("Incautos") recently, and Ernesto is really quite sexy in it, but I haven't got anything else of Antonio's yet. I'd quite like to see him in something else.

I keep looking out for news of La Chica de Ayer being released on DVD, but I haven't heard anything yet. Do you know if it's likely to happen?
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