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La Chica de Ayer - Final Episode Commentary - dorsetgirl
June 15th, 2009
08:06 pm
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La Chica de Ayer - Final Episode Commentary

Capitulo 8  





Last episode ever, and I’m sad already. First chance on the computer all day, it’s 9:35pm, and in contrast to last week, it doesn’t look as if the ep is up yet. I suppose it makes more sense to wait until after it’s finished airing in Spain, which I suppose will be 22:20 BST.


So, I finally found the ep at 22:15, but I had to go via Antena3videos and search for it. And it’s taking forever to buffer! WHYWHYWHY.


Right: summary - I enjoyed this episode, and was very anxious to see how it all turned out. I don’t do clever analysis, and I don’t understand most of what was said. So this is about my visual impressions, and my little excitements about understanding a few words. Oh, and the awesome that is Inspector Jefe Joaquin Gallardo - that man is gorgeous. With lots of love to clonesgirl, my fellow-traveller on this short and slightly bitter-sweet journey, and many thanks to redkakumei and lynx_moon at lcda.



While I was waiting for the damn thing to load, I made the serious mistake of telling OH something about the kids’ school that I thought he should know, and then had to put up with twenty minutes of interrogation and orders about what I should do. He just has no idea what it’s like dealing with schools as a mother. As the mother of an autistic child, in particular. He’s blaming me because our son doesn’t know why he’s got a Maths exam tomorrow when all the exams are supposedly finished. I am fucking pissed off, big-time. (ETA: turns out the exam board were testing the exam, and our kids were the guinea pigs. I have no problem with this, it will have been explained to the kids, but mine doesn’t remember stuff. Good job I didn’t do what OH thought I should do, and start kicking up a stink on the phone.)


Anyway, at 11:05pm I finally got to watch Parte 1, but of course most of it was taken up by “Previously”, and the credits, which seem to meander along for EVER. I do wonder if that’s standard procedure in Spanish television.



Parte 1


This is presumably the “Morton Brothers” episode; José has come into Samuel’s flat covered in blood, interrupting a far more convincing could-be-love scene between Samuel and Ana than Sam and Annie ever managed.  


And now he’s telling Samuel a story which he is lapping up, but Ana doesn’t look anything like so convinced. José tells him something about little Samuel being innocent, and he’s presumably begging for Samuel’s help to keep him that way. Playing him like a violin, I’m guessing, just like Vic did UK Sam.


I have to stop there for now, what with the buffering speed (WHY do I type “bugger” every time I mean to type “buffer”?) and that fact that it’s late o’clock. I feel totally cheated that I haven’t been able to watch the ep in full by now; I must remember not to check my email or my friends page until I’ve watched it all!  What with OH and Antena3 and - presumably - my ISP, or just the rest of the world, who knows, I shall be getting up very early tomorrow in the hopes of watching a fair chunk before 9am in between school stuff.


I really could have done with some Gallardo to cheer me up this evening, but if the ep follows ours closely then he’s not going to feature much at all, which really really pisses me off.


Tomorrow night I’m going looking for Millonario on YouTube. *nods firmly*


~ ~ ~


So - 5:15 am and about to start Parte 2


Aw, I love the way Quin calls him Princesa.


Ooh, a possible trouser shot at 01:56. And at 5:05 (Quin, of course - who else?) No time for piccing now, unless I can just freeze-frame and copy. No time for mucking about getting the exact frame.


WTF has Samuel just picked up at the scene - with his bare hands? A tie clip?


Ooh, a creepy sniffy moment - Samuel sniffs José’s pyjamas. LOL! Then Quin plonks his arse on them. Perfect.


Where is Samuel taking Rosa and little Samuel?


Oh, the red-dress-and-terrible-green-earrings flashback is the wedding day when she tells little Samuel that José has gone away.


10:25 I’m sure I just heard Samuel talking about MI madre y MI padre. No-one seems to be reacting much.


Dia No????? Don’t understand.


At 12:02, does Quin say “Espero mejor”? Has he just told Samuel off for his behaviour in front of Rosa??


Ah, the three-card trick. Samuel presumably starts to realise the truth at this point, like ours did.


Quin knows Rosa’s surname by now, so he presumably has noticed the oddity of Samuel’s surnames. Not sure if he mentions it though.



Parte 3


At 1:53, does Quin touch Samuel on the head or face, as he gets him to come out of the office? Must watch again asap!


2:10 - José is innocent, says Samuel. He’s an assassin, says Quin.


What does Quin say to Ana at 3:36 that’s so funny?


A nice touching shot at 04:50. I am definitely going to do some more piccing of this series. I have quite a few ideas, even leaving aside the sheer pretty that is Gallardo.


05:20 Is this the “stay with me for one night” bit? Ana doesn’t particularly look impressed. But Ernesto makes it all look much more normal than John did. UK!Sam was creepy in that scene.


07:00 Ana has said something that José overhears in his cell - was he supposed to? Or has she dropped a clanger?


09:20 nice shot of Samuel in profile with Quin watching. Quin quite likes him being violent.


11:20 - You know, as soon as Samuel walked up to José I knew he wanted a hug. And he’s got one!!!! Definitely a sniffly moment for me there.



Parte 4


00:28 Rosa doesn’t look overjoyed at José. She’s going to get a taxi. Alone?


01:13 - Jeez, Samuel is showing him the tie-clip or whatever in full view of Pilar and anyone else who comes past. Donde es Gallardo?


03:29 Why do I like so much the idea of Gallardo himself unlocking the cell door, rather than a guard coming to do it? I like the idea of him having all the keys and it really being SU comisaria, I guess.


06:15 Is this the junkie’s confession that Ana has brought in? Quin thinks it’s as much use as something signed by Mickey Mouse, and he goes to rip it up. Does he say it’s not valid, because it was given under duress?


07:12 “José es mi padre!” Ana doesn’t look particularly surprised by that statement. Has he told her before??


08:33 God, another Samuel-in-underpants shot. I want to see QUIN in his pants!!!!


09:39 - a gorgeous “I told you I was right” look from Quin as he says “muyen probables” or something.


10:30 What the hell has Rai done wrong? What does he smell of, and why is Quin talking about someone’s wife?


10:47 The two-finger thing has amused me several times already. It’s so engrained in our culture from childhood not to do it that way round that no English person ever would unless it was a deliberate joke.


10:53 Brilliant one-finger screencap - ready for a macro of “this is what I’m going to do to you”


10:58 And Samuel is thinking “Hm, how much do I want this man?”


OK, Parte 4 has just ended with Samuel agreeing - presumably - that José is the more likely suspect. And now, I think, they’re going out to pick him up?


And now I have to stop, to do first-shift school stuff. It’s 06:15 back in the real world.



Parte 5


It’s 06:51am and my older two have both gone out to catch the train to school. Back to Samuel and his travails.


Trouser shot at 00:35 ish


00:55 What does Gallardo say to Samuel that surprises everyone?


01:20 The “alcoholic homophobe” speech. I must replay this bit and write it all down! At least I know what Quin says back!


03:02 This is a much posher do than the wedding in UK!LOM.


05:03 José gives little Samuel the tie pin! That’s how he recognised it.


05:25 Samuel is telling José there is a search out for him.


06:05 Fuck, Gallardo looks hot in that morning suit getup! Jesus, he looks fucking gorgeous!


06:55 Now Samuel realises it’s Ana in the red dress. And now he must know what’s about to happen, from his nightmares.


09:22 Que pasa, Papa? That gave me quite the shock, when Samuel said it, and then immediately little Samuel said it behind him. Clever linking.


10:05 Quin says Cris and Rai have gone to the hospital, but I don’t know why.


For some reason, totally-unfit!Gallardo just doesn’t work. It’s funny with Gene, but Antonio looks far fitter than Phil so all the out of breath stuff just doesn’t ring true.




Parte 6


02:04 It’s odd, but I’m far more moved by this scene of Rosa telling little!Samuel that José has gone away than I was by the original. I’m definitely sniffling here. Perhaps because in our one I was trying to take in the story, while now I have time to feel the emotions around it. Or it’s that for some reason I find Ernesto’s take on the character rather less arrogant than John’s although I’m prepared to believe that’s because I’m missing a lot.


03:40 Suddenly Quin seems to have much lighter brown hair, with grey or blond bits in it. I always thought he had black hair!


04:09 Hasta Mañana. Is this it? Is this the final Quin/Sam goodbye? This is hurting, I so much don’t want Sam to leave Quin alone.


04:20 Now that’s weird - why is Ana waiting by the tunnel? And is it symbolic that Sam has just walked through it to get to her?



Damn, I can hear youngest son getting up - I really want to see the end of this first!



06:15 This is a much sweeter and more believable kiss than Sam/Annie. I can feel Samuel’s pain at having to make this decision.


Samuel - “I’m sorry it’s not more romantic.”


Ana - “It’s perfect.”


“Te quiero” - what does that mean? I think it’s “I love you”.



Oh God, Samuel has said goodbye and he’s running into the tunnel. And youngest son is coming down stairs. Fuck.


Right, I’ve given him his school clothes and told him to be quiet for five minutes! Back to Samuel.



09:22 Ooh, the light has gone. And has Samuel gone?


09:24 “Ana”. Oh! Did he say “You are my future?”


Oh, that’s a bit of a sudden ending, we’ve got several minutes left.


Presumably this epilogue is a summary of all the things Samuel has decided to stay for.


How much do I love the fact that the jumping over the desk moment is in there, and “Quin cuddles Samuel down by the canal” !!!


And of course the very first meeting with Quin. Aw, a very sniffly moment here, and I wish I had time to watch all over again, especially the Quin parts of the epilogue. Youngest son is looking a little concerned at Mum sitting at the computer sniffling.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed this show, even without understanding most of what was said. I have quite fallen in love with Quin, and I really got to like Samuel, too. In some ways I even like him more than UK Sam. It’s a great pity Antena3 didn’t give this show a fair chance in a timeslot it could have won, because some of the series two stories would have been awesome with Gallardo y Samuel.


I loved this show, and I will miss it very much.

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Date:June 16th, 2009 11:28 am (UTC)
Hmmm, I'm sad too, and I am not very pleased with that ending... It could have been great if they had respected the jump from the top of a building and then his coming back. The other way it didn't seemed an ending to me :(

Well, I'm sad Antena 3 didn't treated this series with much civility, but as soon as I finish my exams (next june 25th) I'll start translating the subs. I hope more people will enjoy it that way, and that the community will get more active :)

Anyway, thanks for your interest! It's been a great fun
[User Picture]
Date:June 17th, 2009 03:11 pm (UTC)
Bittersweet indeed, DG. I think it's a shame that this excellent series wasn't moved to a different timeslot so that it wasn't up against such stiff competition (whatever that was). It seems a shame that the network didn't have more faith in it and order a second series. Then again how many fans actually got behind it and told the network that the show was great and they loved it and asked for a second series? Was there even a campaign to try and save it? But what with low ratings and (seemingly) endless criticism of Ernesto Alterio's performance as Samuel, which I thought was great btw, well I guess it's no surprise that it was cancelled. What a wasted opportunity! A second series could have been even better than the first but, unfortunately, now we'll never know.

As for the ending, well Samuel ended up exactly where he started so I can't object to that. What I don't know is if he died in the future. I thought the Sam/Annie kiss at the end of the UK series was rather awkward. By contrast the kiss at the end of LCDA seemed heartfelt and natural and I was more or less satisfied with the ending. Then again I was satisfied with the ending of the US series which a great many people have criticised. ;)

At any rate this short journey is over and I'm sad that it's over. Here's hoping there may yet be another version just as good that will actually go the full 2 series.

Thank you so much for watching it and enjoying it with me. :)


PS Loved reading your notes. Makes me want to watch Episode 8 all over again while reading them. You definitely understood more than me.
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