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Life on Mars fic - Signals - dorsetgirl
September 5th, 2007
10:05 am
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Life on Mars fic - Signals

Title:               Signals            (Part 1b/1 – split due to LJ post restriction)

Author:           DorsetGirl

Fandom:         Life on Mars

Disclaimer:     The story is mine, the characters sadly are not. No money being made, no harm meant.

Rating:            Brown Cortina for anal sex, swearing

Word Count:  5,780 total over two sections

Notes:             Gene/Sam slash

Summary:       Sam discovers that being with Gene has changed a lot more than just who he wakes up with.

A/N:                 Set about three months after “What Do Girls Do”, which explains the relationship history they each brought to this one. Many thanks to <lj user=”jayb111”> for her fast and very intelligent beta reading. I haven’t been able to watch a single episode since mid-July (kids gone back today, yay!) and I’m a bit worried I’ve lost the voices, so friendly concrit would be welcomed, ta. 


Continued from Part 1a


For God’s sake, Gene was acting like something out of the dark ages. Sam sat silent for a moment; he’d worked out a long time ago that Gene needed  to be the strong one, and Sam loved him enough to let him take that role, against his own natural inclination. But not any more, not if it meant that he had to be the weak one. Not if it meant Gene thought he could start telling him how to dress and how to behave.


Sam knew his personality had been muted ever since he’d got here - his crazy situation, the fact that he was now only a DI, and to a fist-happy Neanderthal at that, and finally because Sam was sincerely committed to Gene, and he hadn’t thought Gene, as a man of the ‘70s, was ready for a relationship of equals. But this; this was...


Finally he said “I’m asking you nicely, Gene. Take us home, please.”


“But Sam... “


He exploded. “Just drive, Gene! I mean it – home, now!”


* * *


Sam’s voice was deep and dark, with extraordinary volume, like Gene had never heard him use before; his tone was one that Maya, and the rest of his 2006 subordinates, would have recognised instantly. Trouble.


Gene’s hands and feet had the Cortina moving out of the car park long before his brain had caught up with the fact that he was obeying his DI’s orders.




The moment they walked through Gene’s – no, their – front door, Sam was giving orders again. “Upstairs, Gene. We’re gonna sort this out right now.”


His anger still building, Sam slammed the bedroom door and in an extension of the movement, slammed Gene against the wall. Taken aback, Gene stood still for a moment before shoving Sam off. Unusually, Sam didn’t back off, but came forward again, still radiating power and anger. He even looked bigger than usual.


“How dare you patronise me, you fucking Neanderthal! I am not your fucking wife, I am a police officer, and I do not need protecting!”


He grabbed Gene’s right arm and twisted it viciously up behind his back as he turned Gene round and shoved him towards the bed.


Gene wasn’t remotely frightened of Sam or anything he might do, but he was completely taken aback at this new side to his personality.


This wasn’t his Gladys, always nagging at Gene to tidy up the paperwork and do things the Hyde way; and this certainly wasn’t the scared and tentative - but so adorable - Sam who only three months ago had needed to get Gene drunk before he dared kiss him.


The man almost dislocating his shoulder wasn’t even Tyler, Gene’s favourite picky-pain DI and part-time madman.


Although he didn’t know it, Gene was being frog-marched across the room by Detective Chief Inspector Samuel Tyler, who funnily enough hadn’t got his badge from a Lucky Bag either. And he was used to wielding authority, if never before quite as physically as this. In his 21st-century way he’d been even harder than Gene, before his life turned inside out.


Now he shoved Gene onto the bed, face first. “Trousers. Off. NOW!” he yelled.


There was an almost feral strength to Sam, and Gene had to think whether to go with it or challenge it. Before he could decide, Sam had punched him in the right kidney; Gene was astounded at how much it actually hurt, but hearing the click of the lid on the lube tin hastened to get his trousers out of the way. Sam ripped open his own trousers, pushed them down and took barely a moment to coat himself and Gene’s entrance before shoving himself in hard and fast.


Gene could only be grateful that they had tried this before, albeit not often. Sam had always seemed happy to take it rather than give it, although he had suggested once or twice that they swap round. Gene had gone along with it, although it definitely challenged his ideas of himself as a man. It had felt all wrong to be bottoming for someone smaller and younger than himself; his junior at work for God’s sake.


Now he concentrated on breathing steadily, pushing back to hold himself open as much as possible; trying to make himself comfortable as Sam paused for a moment.


* * *


“Oh ... God”.


Sam felt some of the incredible anger dissolving in Gene’s heat, replaced by the blind need to fuck, hard. He let his head fall forward as he started to move.


“Sweet Jesus, that’s so tight.”


He hadn’t felt such incredible blessed tightness for a long time. He wasn’t going to last long; he was almost at explosion point already.


“Oh fuck, fuck, fucking hell.”


He was moving fast now, faster, forcing himself deeper and deeper, moving his hands to Gene’s back, grabbing his shirt.


“Oh Jesus, that’s so hot”


Sam couldn’t think, couldn’t concentrate on anything except the need to push, thrust, hard. His hips moved back and forth, faster, harder.


“Fuck, fuck, Gene, oh my God.”


His cock was pulling him forwards, Gene’s buttocks hot against his groin, his entire consciousness cocooned tightly inside Gene,


“I can’t... I’m gonna ...”


and then his pelvis arched; for a long moment he couldn’t move; he was being dragged to the edge of reason, straining forwards as his cock swelled,


“Oh Christ, Gene, Gene, oh my God...”


the heat unbelievably tight around him and then something broke; he could feel each spurt, each exquisite expansion and contraction as he poured everything he had into Gene.


“... Gene!”


Sam clung onto Gene’s shirt as he came as hard as he ever had in his life, then collapsed onto Gene’s back, panting. As his cock softened, he pulled out, then rolled off Gene to lie next to him. For a few minutes there was silence apart from Sam’s heart hammering in his ears.


Eventually, he heard Gene’s voice, deliberately calm. “So, do I get mine any time soon, Sam?” Only a slight hitch in his breathing signalled his tension.


“Shit, Gene, I’m sorry,” Sam murmured. He didn’t have the energy to move, but he reached over and touched Gene’s fingers gently, not yet ready to look at him. “Did I hurt you?”


“Nothing I won’t get you back for later, Gla... Sam, don’t worry about that.” He felt Gene’s hand tighten on his fingers.


Sam lay for a while drifting hazily until he realised Gene’s breathing had changed. He was stroking himself, the tension in his body vibrating the entire bed as he gasped for breath. His grip was painful on Sam’s fingers. “Give a bloke a hand, Sam” he said raggedly “I don’t expect ... to do me own barking.”


Taking the hint, Sam gathered himself and leaned over Gene, extending his tongue delicately to tease Gene’s left nipple. Gene groaned and moved his hand back towards his cock, fingers fluttering as he fought the need to touch himself again. His buttocks tightened as Sam smiled into his eyes then moved his attentions to the other side. “Bastard!” Gene gasped, clawing desperately at the sheets as Sam continued to tease first one nipple then the other.


Gene’s whole body was shuddering by the time Sam relented and took Gene’s cock in his mouth, flickering his tongue teasingly around the tip. “For fuck’s sake, Sam!” Gene said hoarsely. “Please...”


At last, Sam twined his arms around Gene’s warm hips and took him as far into his mouth as he could, causing Gene to lose control completely. His yell as he came made Sam smile.




Sam woke to find Gene dressing. As Sam hadn’t given him time to undress in the first place, it didn’t take long, and Gene turned to face him. He wasn’t smiling.


“You bastard,” he accused Sam. ”What was all that about? Getting your own back? Proving how strong you are?”


Sam had to admit there’d been an element of that. All that stuff, Gene protecting him, making signals at people about him, hadn’t made him feel good about himself. Or about Gene, come to that. OK, the part of him that still got the warm fuzzies from knowing that he belonged to Gene was coping with it quite well. But who he really was, deep down, hadn’t changed, and that man wasn’t at all happy with being treated as some air-headed ninny. He tried to explain it to Gene.


“It’s like you think I don’t need to bother my pretty little head about it or something.”


“It’s not meant like that, Sammy,“ said Gene looking puzzled. ”It’s just, when someone goes to try it on I put ‘em right before you’re bothered with it.” He looked at Sam, hurt. “You should have said if you didn’t like it and I’d have explained; it’s nothing sinister. It’s for you, Sam.” He reached into his top pocket for his cigarettes


Sam sat up and stared at him. “Be reasonable, Gene! If things are going on that I don’t know about, I can’t tell you I don’t like them, can I!” He caught himself on the edge of fury again, and leaned back against the pillows in an effort to calm down. “At the very least, Gene, please, tell me these things. Look, I’m not upset about you looking after me, it’s just – I don’t like this assumption that I need looking after and that I don’t need to know about it.”


Gene was silent, looking over the top of his lighter at Sam. He flicked it and lit his cigarette, still looking at Sam as if trying to work out what to say. Finally, he said “It wouldn’t work, Sam. If I came home every night and said ‘Listen to what I’ve done for you today, I’ve protected you from Rathbone, I’ve given some bloke the evil eye for looking at you  – it wouldn’t work, would it? You’d be thinking I was expecting you to be grateful, and that’s not how it is. We’d end up arguing, Sammy, you’d end up resenting me.”


He stepped forward, leaning over the bed, and traced Sam’s mouth with one finger.


“And while we’re talking about things people could have told other people: you could have told me who you really are.“ Sam tensed. “I’ve never seen you like that before, Sam. It was like a different man.”


Sam relaxed and laughed gently, reaching up to run a proprietary hand over Gene’s arse.


“No, I don’t mean like that Gl... Sam. I mean – the voice, the strength, the ... shit, you’re the words man, I’m just a simple old-fashioned copper.” Gene looked questioningly at Sam. ”You were different then, you know you were.”


Sam sat up as he thought about it, thought about how to explain. Opted for simple, if not complete, truth. “OK, I admit, I might have been holding it in a bit. Didn’t want to be challenging you at home as well as at work. Thought that might be too much for you.”


“Well, don’t bother on my account Sammy-boy, I’ll cope.” As he walked towards the bathroom he said over his shoulder “Just be yourself from now on, OK?”




By the time Gene came downstairs, Sam had put out mugs and the kettle was boiling.


Gene sat down at the table and ladled sugar into his mug. “Not too proud to make the tea then, Sammy-boy, now you’ve got your manhood back. Not allowed to call you Gladys any more I suppose?” He looked at Sam, his face unreadable.


Sam put the kettle down carefully. “Look, you didn’t explain why you would think I need protecting in the first place”.


Gene sighed.


“It’s just, at the station,” he began, “Doesn’t matter what you think, I’m your DCI, and that makes some things my responsibility, not yours. No DI, even if he does come from Hyde, can go up against someone like Rathbone and survive.”


“But the other stuff; I never thought; you coming late into this, you don’t know how it is. You attract the powerful ones, Sam, the men who’re used to getting whatever they want. They look at you, and then they look at me, and they see someone older than you, and bigger than you, and they expect me to protect you, to keep them off.”


“And if they don’t see me protecting you, then they’ll assume you’re fair game.” Gene sat back and stared at Sam, willing him to understand. “And believe me, Sam, you don’t want that. I’m not going to apologise for protecting you. You’re mine and I have to, that’s just how it is.”


He smiled, and touched Sam’s hand gently. “But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m yours, always, every bit as much as you’re mine. Here in this house we belong to each other.” He pushed his mug forward. “And now you’re making me go soppy. Hurry up and pour that bloody tea so we can go to the pub.”


Sam thought about it; he hadn’t been aware he attracted anyone, never mind “the powerful ones”, but here was Gene understanding it, taking it for granted and dealing with it for him. It still didn’t feel right, but perhaps now he knew the facts he didn’t need all the details? He wasn’t at all sure about that, but decided to let it ride for now.


They drove to the pub in a silence that had slightly more of an edge than usual. Sam was still mulling over the idea of Gene protecting him, and Gene was lost in his own thoughts. Unusually, Gene didn’t open his door the instant the engine stopped. They sat in silence for a moment, then Gene spoke. “So, did you like it better on top then?”


Sam smiled reminiscently. “Didn’t realise how much I’d missed it.” he said.


Beside him, he heard Gene take a tiny, sharp breath, instantly stifled, as if in pain.


Realising how it had sounded, Sam said “Hey,” as he looked across at Gene, who refused to meet his eye but spoke to the floor.


“I wish I’d never said anything about all those other men fancying you. But I had to, you have to know to keep yourself out of trouble.” He looked at Sam unhappily. “And now you know you could have anyone you wanted...”


Sam interrupted forcefully ”I have, you twat. Don’t you get it, I want you. I didn’t just “settle” for this, you know, thinking it was the only offer I’d get! I fought against this for months, then it was months again before I got up the nerve to do anything. I’d never wanted a man before; you know this, Gene”.


He leaned forward and kissed Gene softly on the mouth, easing his tongue gently between his teeth, as his hand moved slowly down the length of Gene’s body to his groin.


Lifting his mouth from Gene’s he placed a tiny kiss on the tip of Gene’s nose. “I am not planning to go back to women. And nor am I interested in experimenting with other men. It’s you that I want. Always. And only.”


He thought a moment and looked at Gene. “What about your other blokes, before me? Did they let you down? Is that where this is coming from?”


“No,” Gene said. “You’re not my first, you know that, but you’re the first that’s mattered. Never cared about a bloke before, it was just a bit of relief. Week or two, couple of shags, move on.” He shifted round to look at Sam properly.


“That sounds like there were hundreds, but having to think of me job all the time – well, it limits the opportunities. And like I said, none of them mattered.”


“Well, I’m not going anywhere.” Sam reassured him. “Except on top sometimes.” He grinned suddenly. “Why d’you think you couldn’t call me Gladys any more, you daft sod?”.


“Hardly seemed the thing any more Sam, you getting all masterful and all.”


“Well, don’t worry about it. I like it.” He tried to analyse why being called by a variety of girls’ names made him feel good, then he put both hands up to Gene’s face and kissed him firmly. “I’m used to it now. And it’s – well, no-one else has ever called me that. Obviously. And no other bastard ever will, only you. So it’s special, it’s ...us.


“And the best thing is, you can call me Gladys in front of the lads and no-one thinks anything of it. But I know. When you call me Gladys it’s all about you and me, Gene. You call me Gladys and it’s like you’re calling me ‘love’ in front of everybody.” He kissed Gene again and turned to open his door. “Come on, last to the bar’s a sissy.”


“You would know” retorted Gene, getting out and straightening his coat.


As they walked in together, Ray called from the corner table “Guv, are you in? Saved a chair for you”.


“No thanks Ray, not just now; been sat down all day. Gonna play darts, give me arse a rest.”


Sam winced as he turned towards the bar, leaving Gene effortlessly in command of the group by the dartboard. Nelson was just drawing the second pint when there was a roar from the corner.


“Oi, Gladys! Haven’t you got them drinks in yet? Hurry up and get your sorry arse over here; you can choose the next game.”


Sam couldn’t stop the broad grin spreading across his face as he met Gene’s eyes briefly before turning back to the bar.




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Date:December 1st, 2007 06:12 am (UTC)
>> It said “I like alpha males” or, as Gene often thought of it, “I could be yours, big boy”,<< Sign me up for some of that :D

I think what makes the "warm fuzzies" work between them is that you keep it grounded in the way they *always* talk to each other, despite the fact that it is odd to "hear" them talk openly of commitment. A difficult trick to pull off, that works in part because of top!Sam, the sudden reminder that he is not a mooning school girl. Nice!
[User Picture]
Date:December 2nd, 2007 12:55 am (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it, thanks for commenting. Yay for recs fortnight!

[Sam] is not a mooning school girl It's very easy to write him as being soft, fluffy and a bit girly around Gene, but despite his slim build and Ray's comments it's obvious in the show that Sam Tyler is a very manly man, and I try not to forget that when I write him.
Date:March 4th, 2008 12:37 am (UTC)
just thought id tell u i thought this was great hun x
[User Picture]
Date:March 4th, 2008 12:54 am (UTC)
Thank you very much.
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Date:March 21st, 2008 12:51 pm (UTC)
I hav said before how much I love this fic, but only just realised I've never actually left a comment!

Thi is 1 of my v fav s/g fics; I especially LOVE the 'Gladys' thing!
Gene needs a pet name too!
[User Picture]
Date:April 27th, 2008 06:59 pm (UTC)
I don't know how I missed this comment before, sorry! I'm thrilled you like the Gladys bit; that seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people!

Gene needs a pet name too!

Hmm, I'm sure we could think of something. Maybe Sex on Legs? Oh wait, that's the actor, not the character...

Thanks for the lovely comment!
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