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Life on Mars Fic - Cute - dorsetgirl
September 15th, 2007
10:49 pm
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Life on Mars Fic - Cute

Title: Cute

Author: DorsetGirl

Fandom: Life on Mars

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters or their universe. BBC/Kudos do. I’m not making any money out of this.

Rating: PG for mild suggested slash.

Pairing:  Gene/Sam

Word Count: 460

Summary: Gene is cute.

A/N: For [info]beautybecks because she needed it. 




Cute wasn’t really the word, Sam thought. Hunky, yes. Gorgeous, definitely. But cute? Hmmm.


Although – that little look he got in his eyes sometimes, when he was just waking up. Yeah, that was cute, definitely. That little look that said “Cuddle me”. Soon after that, of course, the eyes, the hands, the voice and everything else were all saying “Shag me”. And that was great too. But those first few minutes – cute.


And the way his hair curled at the back of his neck. No-one else knew about that, only Sam, because the curl was hidden underneath the broader sweep of hair over Gene’s collar. He loved to run his fingers through Gene’s hair and stop at that special, secret little curl. Sometimes he kissed it, just because he could. Yeah, that was cute too.


And his mouth. Well, frankly, fucking hot was nearer the word normally. Gene had a mouth like no-one else Sam had known. Certainly like no-one else Sam had ever kissed. And just looking at that mouth – well. But when he smiled just for Sam, that special private little smile in the office when no-one else was looking, his mouth quirked a little at the corners in a way that just had to be called cute.


What else? Oh yeah, his ears. Daft really, how anyone could think ears were cute. Although it wasn’t so much the ears, as Gene’s reaction when Sam nibbled them. He giggled. And squirmed. And got horny. And that was definitely cute.


Where else? Done the eyes. Ah, the eyelashes. God, they were amazing, astounding, astonishing even. Longest lashes ever seen on anybody, never mind a big strong bloke. You could see them for miles. Any photo of Gene you looked at – and Sam had been through the files – there were the lashes. From his younger days, when he’d had cheekbones a 30’s movie star would’ve envied, through to his promotion-to-DCI press release, there were always the lashes, the astonishing lashes framing the amazing eyes in a way that seemed to demand and deserve both awe and envy.


OK, moving on. The arms. Now they really were cute, because this man had the best cuddle in the world. This man, this strong, hard man with fists of fire and a grip of steel, turned to melted butter when Sam answered that little morning look in the eyes, and his arms came around Sam, firm and warm and wanting; holding and stroking; keeping Sam safe. And really, that was cute too, because who would ever think that the Guv could be so soft and caring.


Sam looked at Gene sleeping and thought about it all once more. Ran through the list, ticked off the words in his head.


All in all, yep. Gene was - cute.


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