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Ashes Series Three Episode Two - MAJOR SPOILERS - dorsetgirl
April 9th, 2010
10:27 pm
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Ashes Series Three Episode Two - MAJOR SPOILERS
No great analysis here, just my initial thoughts. Can't get on TRA atm so I thought I'd just put this up here.

Wow, that was just something else. So many amazing moments I don’t know where to start.

At the end, I think, with Beth’s character giving Gene a smackeroo!!! I never thought we’d see the day. Perhaps he has it in his contract that he doesn’t kiss anyone else!

What was all the stuff with the building work? I didn’t get the point of that at all, unless it was just to explain why Alex had Uptown Girl in her head. And oh boy I can hardly wait to watch that bit again when I have the room to myself! (OH was watching too, but the only time he reacted was when we saw Chris almost naked in the strip poker game. Should I worry, doctor?)

Because of OH being in the room I wasn’t able to fully enjoy Uptown Girl. I thought from the couple of stills I’d seen that it would be horribly cheesy. Yes, it was cheesy, but it was very sexy with it! I never thought I’d see Gene dance. *faints*

We had some more anachronisms in this episode, again both from Gene. He’s said “...end of” on a number of occasions. People just did not say that in 1983. In the UK at least, it is very recent. Then a bit later Gene said something about Chris recovering his mojo. OK, I know I’m a bit old-fashioned and out of touch nowadays, but I definitely wasn’t in 1983 and I never heard that saying until the last year or two. So why does Gene keep using these very modern phrases???

Did Alex call Keats “Sir”? at some point? Why would she do that? Well, OK, I suppose he is a DCI (is he?) but even so, it seemed a little unnecessary.

When Keats mentioned Ted Bundy, Alex countered with “Jeffrey Dahmer”, who wasn’t discovered until 1991. Nobody said “Who?”

I seriously didn’t want to see pictures of Sam’s car in the river, I really didn’t. I DO NOT WANT to see any more details!

And I wrote this about six times in my notes on the episode: “She’s got THE JACKET!!! She’s only got the fucking JACKET!!!!”

I’d be interested to know what they did to signal that guy as the murderer, because I knew it was him immediately, but then I thought I must have been wrong when Alex said he definitely wasn’t there.

Gene knew what Alex had in her desk drawer. He just put a hand on THAT JACKET to confirm it, not to find out what it was.


Er, sorry, got carried away there.

Haven’t had a chance to look through the images at the end again yet, but I did catch the weather-vane.

And wasn’t that a strange comment from Keats at the end? “I’m going to unearth you, Hunt.”

I’ve got to watch this again very soon. Just amazing.

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Date:April 10th, 2010 12:03 am (UTC)
We both squeed at the jacket! (Except, is it The Jacket? Or is it a replica? Has samtyler said?)

With Keat's "bad circulation" and the ominous young copper, I've got the outlandish thought that it's actually a young Keats. C thinks I'm wrong, but there's nothing new there!

I missed the "unearth you" comment. Very interesting.

(I was having fic flashbacks tonight - with the hand that Chris got (psycho!Sam sending his boyfriend a little present perhaps) and the car upturned in the river... But I'm quite sure everyone else was as well!!!)

Uptown Girl was very special. Phil can really move! Though I was a bit disappointed Alex didn't join in, as in the original video. She just sat there and looked pretty. *sigh*

Also - hurrah for Shaz! Still my favourite character in this series, I think.
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Date:April 10th, 2010 12:20 am (UTC)
I'm gagging for a chance to rewatch this - don't know when that will be though. OH wanted to know what I was writing notes about - it's nice to know that he couldn't actually read what I was writing (he was sat behind me, so I curbed my impulse to write "OMFG give me some of that NOW" during Uptown Girl, just in case he was reading over my shoulder).

The thing with Young Keats is that, well, Keats looks very young anyway. And various people have pointed out that he looks like something out of the Sixties, which I agree with.

THE JACKET: On 21st March, in the "Will John Simm appear in A2A3" thread, Sam Tyler did actually say

"Ok I give in Kudos asked if they could borrow Sam's Jacket for 3 days !

Just kidding "

So far of course, I don't think we've even seen enough for it to actually be a jacket, have we? Obviously that's what it's meant to be, but so far it could just be a random bit of material.

Thing is, though, over the past few weeks Sam Tyler has suddenly started posting about all the new stuff that has "come to light" and he has been able to acquire. He's now got Sam's medallion and a pair of his trousers, and other stuff as well afaik. Hmmm - new contacts? People he met while chaperoning THE JACKET for its scenes?
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Date:April 13th, 2010 09:23 am (UTC)

*waves* Me again.

Uptown Girl was hilarious and gorgeous and omg. I may have sat there writing "I LOVE PHILIP GLENISTER" and then surrounded it with love hearts. XD

Squealed happily at the Beth/Phil kiss. So glad Gene finally got a proper snog. Even if it should have been from Sam. *sigh*

Being a hapless teen, I did not know about the anachronisms, so thank you for that. Is it possible he picked them up from the way Sam spoke? Or he's only saying things in Alex's head so occasionally her brain slips up and gives him the wrong words? (Although I don't like that idea because it runs with 'Gene's not real' again.)

Do we know whether Keats is from the future? In Ep1 it sounded like he was going to be another Summers, what with all the "if I can help you, maybe I can help me too" etc etc. My Dad had a thought that when they're at the speed dating Keats mentions a musician that isn't around yet in '83, but we looked that up on Wiki and it turned out to be nothing. :/

I too was writing 'THE JACKET' in big letters every other minute. Part of me wants Alex to but the hell out and leave it alone, another part needs her to keep digging because after they threw that bombshell at us at the end of Ep1 I need to know that the writers haven't destroyed Gene's character that far. Bad enough that they've taken Sam away from him ("just out of love, Bolly. ... worried you're gonna spend the rest of your life on your own" - that speech definitely sounded like Gene wasn't just talking about people in general there D': ).

There was a lot that happened in this ep. My reaction post ended up being 2.5k long and I still missed loads out! XD Sorry for trampling all over your comments, DG. I've missed you not being around so much anymore.
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Date:April 13th, 2010 10:33 pm (UTC)

Re: *waves* Me again.

Is it possible he picked them up from the way Sam spoke?

No, I don't think so. Sam used to talk about future stuff all the time, but his language itself was - I believe - immaculately in period for the Seventies. In fact he spoke more correct Seventies than Gene is speaking Eighties. Phil has spoken on a number of occasions about the fact that people didn't swear so much then - it's true btw - so it's obviously something that the writers have considered. Which leads me to think it's deliberate.

Do we know whether Keats is from the future?

No, we don't. He looks to me more like something out of the Sixties with the greased-back hair and the glasses and the gabardine mac, but it's quite plausible that the kind of guy that would be attracted to Discipline and Complaints would be the Eighties equivalent of a geek.

"...worried you're gonna spend the rest of your life on your own"

Yeah, I spotted that; it definitely sounded quite personal.

Sorry for trampling all over your comments, DG.

No trampling involved - it's lovely to get comments! And now I'm going to read your reaction post.
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Date:April 14th, 2010 01:09 am (UTC)

Re: *waves* Me again.

his language itself was immaculately in period for the Seventies.

Wow, well done to Sam! How'd he manage that? Considering how little he watches his future slip-ups, I'm amazed that he managed to keep on top of his phrasing so well. Clearly they had better script editors on Mars.

Thanks again, DG!
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