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Ashes 3.03 - First undigested thoughts - SPOILERS - dorsetgirl
April 16th, 2010
10:31 pm
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Ashes 3.03 - First undigested thoughts - SPOILERS
No great theories here, just my scribbled notes as I watched.

Gene goes off on one of his rants and Alex says “Are you sure you haven’t left anybody out?” A nice echo of Sam there - “I think you might have left out the Jews.”

Keats is doing his manipulating again - “Don’t feel you have to prove yourself to the Guv.”

When we saw inside Alex’s desk, she’d obviously been looking at The Jacket - and it really does look like THE JACKET.

Right, so I spotted straight away that there was no obvious reason for the brother - Steve - to be there, so I guessed that he must be part of the plot. And the idea of him having a thing with Fireman Andy’s wife was very obvious tbh. But it still played out quite well I thought.

Gene saying “I feel like the filling in a xxx sarnie”. Oh Gene, you can be the filling in ... well, you know.

Isn’t it odd when Alex says “We need someone with military intelligence” and Gene doesn’t make the obvious riposte?

Keats is being very creepy in the way he’s trying to find out Ray’s family background. It’s starting to strike me that he’s like the Devil, trying to tempt people to do things for their own success and to damage Gene, but - like Shaz last week - Ray is sort of going along with it but not entirely buying into it.

Keats says “Gene Hunt is an amazing bloke.” Everyone’s calling everyone else Amazing this series.

And again Keats goads Ray to do the wrong thing - “Follow your orders, Ray, like a good puppy dog.”

We’re seeing that red rose on Karen’s table at very close range - when we come in, and when we go out again.

Sam mention again! “God is in the details - that’s what Sam Tyler used to say.” They’re getting very obvious with the Sam mentions. I suppose they have to really, because there must be a proportion of the audience who never saw LOM and don’t know much about Sam.

At this point I noted that the pink lighter never works!

Aargh, that’s dead creepy - ghost copper is very close to her now. And he still looks like Chris to me, even though we now know he’s not.

First official mention of bisexuality! “...with your bisexual mates down the wine bar.” If this was just a general dig, I would have expected him to call them her lesbian mates.

Nice and subtle there, the picture of the wife looking adoringly up at the brother.

That was an awesome scene there with Ray. Well done that man! They built that up so well, I really thought that perhaps Ray was going to set things off because he couldn’t stand it any more. Then he brought out the pink lighter and I knew we were OK!

So what does Keats mean when he says “The scales are falling from their eyes”? Most of his sayings are quotes and references or manipulations. He really doesn’t just talk.

Gene actually looks frightened at this point, which I think is the first time. Last week he looked fairly unmoved by the threats.

Wonderful Shaz and Alex conversation, where Alex says something like “You can find someone of a different class attractive.” Then she looks across at Gene and says “...maybe not attractive - quite fond of, in a funny kind of way.”

Aw, and Ray finally gets his “Well done, Ray” from Gene. And again the spooky Life on Mars moment - the close up, the black all around, and the briefest burst of Bowie. After all of Keats’ manouevring, Gene comes up with the moment Ray has always dreamed of, and he’s reeled back in.

Was it before or after that moment when Alex says “you worship the ground he walks on” and Ray looks at Gene with the soppiest expression of adoration I have ever seen on his face!

All in all a mixed episode, I thought. The conversation between Alex and the wife definitely dragged on too long, but the Ray/Andy lighter scene was incredibly tense, and the LOM moment with Ray at the end is really racking up the tension about what’s happening with the Guv.

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