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Seasonal and Topical Drabble Challenge - dorsetgirl
April 28th, 2010
07:18 am
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Seasonal and Topical Drabble Challenge
On 29th April in 1992, a jury found four LA police officers ‘Not Guilty’ of beating up motorist Rodney King, despite television audiences all over the world having seen them do it.

On 27th April in the same year, Betty Boothroyd was elected Speaker of the House of Commons. She was the first woman to hold the post.

On 24th April 1993, an IRA bomb devastated the Bishopsgate area of the City of London.

The prompts this week are therefore:

Beating up the wrong guy

Women can do anything

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter

As usual, don’t wait for me - if you’re inspired, go for it!

Post your drabble as a comment to this post, and if you have any ideas for future seasonal prompts, let me know by PM. I may also use the occasional completely random prompt if something occurs to me.

The rules are minimal - One hundred words exactly, and be polite when commenting!
You can write any fandom or original fiction, any pairing or none.
You don’t have to write in English if you don’t want to.

Please note that if you do choose to write in another language, I can't promise to comment beyond a simple "Thank You", although I will do my best via Google! A rough translation would be lovely, but is not essential. The translation does not have to be 100 words, nor does it need to be polished or “good English”. Just the gist is fine, to put across the idea.

So long as you are confident that your response meets one of the prompts, that’s good enough for me.

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Date:April 28th, 2010 04:43 pm (UTC)

Changing Sides (The Devil's Whore)

In the heat of the battle, Sexby had lost his horse.

Now his opponent was threatening him, “What right have you to wear that, take it off!”

Sexby had said he would follow Prince Rupert against the rebels, but who was he to be dictated to by a boy, who had only his birth to thank for his position? From now on, he would make his own decisions and instead of fighting the rebels, he too would become a freedom fighter.

Sexby takes the arm band from one who ten minutes ago was his enemy and makes it his own.
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