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Some non-spoilery thoughts on the possible ending of Ashes to Ashes. - dorsetgirl
May 20th, 2010
12:12 pm
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Some non-spoilery thoughts on the possible ending of Ashes to Ashes.
(Please note that the comments may contain spoilers up to 3.07)
Some brief thoughts on tomorrow night’s Ashes to Ashes. No spoilers, just some thoughts about how it might end. I would ask that if you comment, please don’t mention anything you might know about 3.08, including the trailers.

So. The End. I woke up almost in tears yesterday because I suddenly realised that Gene has to die. I totally do not want him to die, but I can’t see that anything else will have struck the writers as a suitable ending for such a character. The man is a hero; you can’t let him witter away into a sad and lonely retirement. He has to go out fighting, being the Gene Genie to the end.

I don’t know if it’s too much of a cliché, but I keep thinking of the endings of Blackadder and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. If it has to happen, I want Gene to go down in a blaze of gunfire, shouting orders and defiance, while we cut to slo-mo of innocent bystanders running away and looking awed and scared because he has saved them all.

I only hope it’s not too cheesy. I can’t bear to think of Gene dying, but even more so I don’t want it to be badly done. I do not want to see Gene’s funeral, nor people standing around saying what a great Guv he was.

I think Q has already come up with the perfect ending, and I'm thinking along the same kind of lines. It would work if they did a sort of LOM thing at the end, by which I mean that we see the peril, the moment of decision perhaps, and the dying moments - the leap of faith, as it were, as Gene gets out of the car and rushes into the danger. And then fade to black, a moment’s horrified silence. Maybe the song “Ashes to Ashes”. I can’t find many words in there that really mean much, but these might be useful over the black screen:

They got a message from the Action Man
"I'm happy, hope you're happy too
I've loved all I've needed to love”

And then - cut to the bar at The Railway Arms. For the sake of ambiguity (and because Kudos don't own The Jacket or the camel coat!) Sam, Gene and Alex are not dressed in their iconic clothes, but in nondescript standard business gear. Sam is standing at the bar, and he smiles and raises a glass to Gene.

“Thought you weren’t going to make it!”

“So did I. “ Gene turns to Alex and grins. “For a moment there I thought we were in trouble.”

Gene steps up to the bar and claps Sam on the back, leaving his arm around Sam’s shoulder.

“Still, I’m here now. Nelson! Pint of your finest for my DI”

He turns and beckons Alex forward, putting his other arm round her shoulder.

“ ... both of them.”

Drinks all round. Pan round the bar: all the LOM and A2A Nameless Ones, Phyllis, Viv. Test Card Girl on the television. Picture on the wall showing the clown.

The End.

Obviously my ideal ending would contain rather less Alex. I’m happy for her to be there because, hey, mainstream television, but I know who I want Gene to go home with at the end of it all and it ain’t Alex.

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Date:May 20th, 2010 11:00 pm (UTC)
I see what you mean and I agree that findiing an 'ending' for Gene will be a major challenge.

In some ways I think no matter how they end it, there will always be room for interpretation, it's that kind of show. But I'm hoping against hope that they'll have an ending I can really love (which of course means Gene and Sam in some sense together)*crosses fingers for John Simm veryvery hard*

I know *nothing* about what might happen but I'm still surmising that perhaps *everyone* is dead apart from Gene and Keats who are some kind of reapers/angels, and the place is purgatory. OR maybe Alex wakes up in 2009/10 in a world with Sam in it and Gene is *there* in some way, and reconnects them with that waking life.

*tension* I'll be thinking of you when I watch it, it's good to know someone else will be caring what happens! Seriously, thank you so much for putting me back onto this series! ♥
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Date:May 21st, 2010 06:37 pm (UTC)
Seriously, thank you so much for putting me back onto this series! ♥

It's a pleasure! I think they lost so many people in the early days of series one - I only stuck with it because I hardly watch anything else and I was determined to be there for Gene right to the end, however bad it got - and I honestly think that people who wrote it off are missing out now. I definitely feel my investment has paid off.

As to someone else caring - well, TRA is taking on 150/200 new members per day over the past week or so, and as I write there are about 230 people logged in. I know that's not much against the viewing figures of 5 million or so, but we're certainly not alone. I'm glad of it, too, because there's no-one in my daily life I can talk to about the programme; my family think I'm nuts.

Reviews for the ending so far are very positive, but I really want Gene and Sam to be together too. Preferably in bed, with a webcam, for life, but back working together is a start, right?
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