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I'm going to miss all this thinking... - dorsetgirl
May 21st, 2010
07:16 pm
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I'm going to miss all this thinking...
Right, so I'm getting increasingly nervous now... and I'm definitely not laughing at those who say they'd almost rather not watch and never find out how it ends.

There is an Ashes 3.08 spoiler under the cut; I think it's quite important, but it does not give away the ending, and I believe it's from an interview with Matthew Graham. I deliberately haven't read any of his interviews because he can have a rather strange attitude to fans at such times, and also because - well - spoilers, he haz 'em.

I didn't want to know this, but clearly some people don't consider it spoilery. I do, but I've tripped over it in quite a few places today. Apparently we find out in 3.08 that Gene Hunt is not Gene's real name, and that we already know his name.

I have seen theories around to this effect, the main one of which was that the man we know as the Manc Lion is in fact Stuart Hunt. So far as I can think, the only other contender for a name we already know is PC Michael Stirling, aged twenty-three and quite possibly Ghost!Copper. Which certainly fits in with the widely-held belief that Gene is dead and trapped in his world because he takes his responsibilities so seriously that he will not, or cannot, move on. On that note, someone at TRA pointed out the other day that in Ashes 1.01, Alex apparently says to Arthur Layton that her job is to help people who are trapped.

The only thing wrong with this theory is that I thought general (LOM) consensus had it that Gene was born in about 1930. PC Michael Stirling (23) was left for dead in a burning building in 1963/4, and no way was Gene only thirty-three when he was Sam's boss.

Oh, and while we're here under the cut - I want Sam back, dammit!

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Ack - totally unrelated to the above, I've just remembered a line from Ashes series one: Gene says to Alex "How do you know I don't have children?" If it turns out that Alex or Sam, or indeed anyone we know, is Gene's child I may throw stuff. Although... Chris. That hug last week took me so much by surprise, and it really could have been "My son! Finally, a man!"

Oh yes, and I bought pink wafers! I was searching for chocolate coins (to send to George Osborne for his birthday, obviously) and there, on a shelf I don't normally notice, were some pink wafers. So, seeing as how they didn't have the wine I wanted, and I'm stuck with a can of lager instead, I decided to treat myself.

Anyway, two hours and counting...

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