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Thoughts on writing LOM fic and Ashes fic - dorsetgirl
June 2nd, 2010
08:29 pm
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Thoughts on writing LOM fic and Ashes fic
Once a fortnight I get an evening off, while OH takes his turn at taking the kids to ju-jitsu, and I've been doing Ashes rewatches during that couple of hours. So tonight I thought I'd watch Ashes 3.08 again.

I started from the moment Gene turns up at the farmhouse. Yes, I watch for Gene, and only Gene. I don't mind Alex any more; was pleased to find Shaz is actually from the Nineties because I always thought her outspoken-ness was anachronistic for the Eighties; am disturbed to find that I actually quite like Ray and feel sorry for him now.

But I've only ever watched Ashes for Gene, and I imagined that having finally got to the end I might write various fics based on the universe as we now know it, or on the finale, or Gene's history, or whatever. But no. I have no urge whatsoever to write fic about the Ashes universe even now it's all tied up to my satisfaction with Life on Mars, and that really hurts.

The difficulty is that my inspiration has always been Sam/Gene. Previous to my first fics in 2007, I hadn't written a story of any kind since 'O' Levels in 1973, and I had never chosen to write fiction, however short, in my entire life. And then Sam came along, and the whole question of who he was, and who DCI Sam Williams was, followed very closely by my realisation that I was unhappy to see Sam back in 2006 because he belonged with Gene.

Since then, I've written a fair amount of Gene/Sam fic, and I hope - I desperately hope - that I will write more. Because in the past three years I've begun to think of myself as a person who writes, and I like that. I want to write. But I don't do plot, and I don't do planning very well, and I need characters to talk to me.

Sam and Gene always did, and to a lesser extent still do. I don't wake up with them talking in my head any more - I guess that's only to be expected - but I still often think about situations and experiences in terms of what Sam and Gene would do.

And the only stories I've written in the Ashes 'verse have been about Sam, and Gene's relationship with him. To be honest - with the best will in the world, and all apologies to Keeley, who did a good job with her - I just don't care that much about Alex. She doesn't speak to me. I really want to write more Gene/Sam, but the mysteries of the universe are a bit too confusing at the moment.

There's only one story that's calling to me right now, and that's Gene's story, as he kicks down the door to the farmhouse and realises exactly what he's got himself into. I have no idea whether I'll ever write it, but I'm not sure I'll be writing anything else in the short term, apart from the occasional Drabble Challenge.

So there we have it. I want to write. I have a story. I have a houseful of teenage boys I might be able to use for the attitudes, the confidence, whatever. But I dunno. Poor little baby!Gene just ain't talking to me yet.

Perhaps I'll go through my WIP folder and see if anything else speaks to me. After half-term, that is.

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Date:June 5th, 2010 03:05 am (UTC)
Hi Dorsetgirl. I'm sorry this will probably come up as anonymous but I really wanted to comment and I can't for the life of me remember my LJ password.(Written in the back of a book somewhere!) Like you , I am all about the Sam/Gene relationship. I watched A2A only for Gene, but was always discounting everything I saw and anything that was revealed because it didn't fit in with my own personal canon. But in spite of this, now that it is all over, I have totally lost all sense of the boys and I can't seem to get it back. I feel incredibly sad and cannot get over this feeling of loss. I think it was Loz who said 'Fictional characters breaking my heart - woo hoo'. My sentiments, and I know it's not the end of the world but still......
I had made some half-arsed attempts at writing some S/G fic myself, but now I don't think I have the will to continue. But you are an awesome writer and as I have read nearly all your work, I am mentally willing you on! I completely understand your feelings on this matter. (I hope you don't mind me having a mini rant on here!) I hope you will write more S/G, because I treasure the stories you have already created and the pleasure I had in reading them. Thank you. WhitleyBayFlyer.
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Date:June 9th, 2010 12:32 pm (UTC)
Rant away, m'dear, it's what the internet was made for! Seriously, I love it when people comment and discuss stuff - whenever I post I always hope a conversation might come out of it.

I remember your user name, presumably from comments at lifein1973 - LJ can presumably send you a reminder of your password if you want?

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my fic ("nearly all"? I bet it's An Unhappy Man you didn't read, right? It's certainly a biggie, and no Sam/Gene to make up for it...) The way I'm looking at things is - I know myself reasonably well by now, and it takes my brain some time to process things, especially big, big things like "They're all dead. Especially Gene, who has totally been dead for thirty years by this point. And Sam, of course. Who has gone to the pub, which totally fucks up all thoughts of together forever, or at least until they die - oh, wait... And can ghosts even go to bed together? And how can they be together long enough to have a civil partnership when it's canon that Sam left in 1980 and Gene is there for the long haul?" So at the moment I'm just letting things settle, and accepting that there are probably a couple of Ashes universe/finale kind of things I must write to get them out of my head before my tiny mind can entertain anything else.

I have been through quite a few phases where I just had no stories in my mind at all, and I do hate that. I'm really not sure whether writing drabbles helps or hinders, tbh, but what I do know is that "writers write" as they say, so every now and then I sit down with a piece of paper and just let some words form on the page. Generally they're crap and I throw it away, but you never know. Fighting to Survive came out of being desperate to write something - anything - and look where that led!

I don't know if you saw, but I did post an Ashes!Gene story yesterday, which I hope will count as part of the necessary therapy before I can get back to Gene/Sam.

Thanks again for dropping by, and for the lovely comments!
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Date:June 10th, 2010 05:52 pm (UTC)
Don't stop writing, please. I love the depth you put into your fics and how when I'm reading them I can feel what the characters are experiencing.

Sorry not to have commented on your Coronation Day story. I read it before going to work and there's rarely time to write a sensible comment without making myself late. I had been going to ask whether you had put part of yourself into Gene's Mum, but notice from the comments that you based it partly on your relationship with your oldest son. I think you've captured that awkwardness there is at that age.

My writing experience is much less than yours, but I know that for me writing drabbles is good practice as it forces me to actually get something written and writing for the Friday LoM challenge makes me think in different ways which is always helpful. Plus drabbles allow for experimenting with ideas that can be taken up or forgotten.

I'm fortunate in that I found the ending of A2A so implausible that it didn't make any sense (just my opinion that) and so it hasn't affected my views.

A thought/question: Your writing reflected the emotions of an adult experienced (I mean in terms of life generally). If Gene died as a teenager, does that affect how he sees life?
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