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Snowballs in Hell... - dorsetgirl
September 8th, 2010
11:48 am
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Snowballs in Hell...

It struck me this morning – briefly – that I might do NaNo this year. Yeah, OK, so I don’t have any actual, um, ideas. But so what? I haven’t written anything for ages and it’s about time I got back to it. So I had a think about the practicalities…

November has twenty-two week-days (at weekends I have no time or privacy, or indeed computer access most of the time). I could just about, at a stretch, get away with dedicating two hours per day to the job. So – two hours per day for twenty-two days, to achieve 50,000 words. That’s um, 18.94 words per minute.

Never going to happen. But I decided to test my typing speed, with the deathless prose below:

“I’m now going to test my typing speed, to see whether there’s any chance on God’s Earth that I can actually achieve the twenty words per minute that my calculations tell me would be necessary to cover a total of fifty thousand words over the twenty-two working days I would have available. At a maximum of two hours every day.”

Well, the above took me exactly one minute to type, although I wasn’t exactly thinking much as I went along. It’s sixty words, so the thing is, perhaps, physically possible.

Hmm, a total of forty minutes typing like fury in amongst eighty minutes of thinking? Doesn’t sound quite so bad that way, does it?

Still not going to happen though.

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