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LOMFIC - Twice is Enough - dorsetgirl
November 18th, 2007
12:06 am
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LOMFIC - Twice is Enough

 Title:                Twice is Enough

Author:             DorsetGirl

Fandom:          Life on Mars

Disclaimer:      I don’t own these characters or their universe. BBC/Kudos do. I’m not making any money out of this.

Rating:             White Cortina

Word Count:   350

Pairing:            Sam/Gene

Spoiler:            Major spoiler for 1.01 and 2.08   And it probably won’t make sense if you haven’t seen those episodes.

Summary:       Sam wonders what will happen when that day comes around again.

Author’s Note: Inspired by new member xaritomene’s untitled story, because I too have always wondered what would happen when Gene and Sam got to "that day". Not beta’d; comments and concrit welcomed.




Twice is Enough



Never mind ten times or more, Sam thought, living it twice was going to be ...interesting... enough.




The day of the accident had been the day he’d finally realised he’d won. The day he discovered, to his huge relief, that he was going to be allowed to do it twice.


Live those days – unnumbered – after the accident. Maybe even after the roof-top.


Through all the years he’d been scared that his time here – now – would end when the younger Sam was knocked into a coma by that car.


Day after day as it grew nearer, he had watched Gene, stayed close to him, trying to find the words to explain what might happen.


As the day itself dawned, Sam had woken up feeling sick.


“Stay at home then, you soft nancy,” had been Gene’s suggestion.


“NO! I, er, I mean – no, I’m sure I’ll feel better soon. Special day and all that.” He couldn’t bear the thought of not being with Gene when ... when what? Would he just vanish? Collapse onto the floor in a coma like younger Sam?


In the event, they were driving when it happened. Sam felt even more sick as he realised where they were heading. He clung to the handle above his shoulder – Gene hadn’t aged that much – and stared at the dashboard clock, swallowing fearfully.


“For God’s sake, Gladys, cheer up! You look like you’re going to your own funeral!”


Sam closed his eyes and bit his lip, not daring to breathe.


The moment approached, and passed, so slowly, and Sam opened his eyes cautiously, peering at the road ahead. He jumped in his seat as he heard a siren, close by.


“ ‘s OK, Sammy, it’s down on the sliproad, nothing we need to worry about.”


Sam smiled at Gene, breaking into a broad grin as he realised he’d survived the first hurdle.


“I’m still here,” he said, grinning even more widely at Gene.


“And I’m glad of it, yer great poof,” said Gene. Reaching over, he took Sam’s hand, squeezing it briefly. His glance flickered over Sam momentarily as he smiled back.


“Best birthday present I ever had.”


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