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I like to be different... - dorsetgirl
April 30th, 2011
07:11 pm
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I like to be different...
I think I might have just become the only person ever to have sung Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams as a folk song. In a folk club.

It went down quite well, I think. I had to dash off before the end (to get home for Doctor Who) which is when people tend to come up to you and tell you which of your songs they really enjoyed, but while I was singing I definitely got the impression that (a) 90% of the audience had never heard it before; (b) they thought it was valid as a folk song; (c) my rendition was adequate.

Which, given that I had planned to spend a whole day last week on the arrangement and practice, and that I never got more than half an hour to myself all week so to do, is good enough for me. If there are different people in there tomorrow maybe I'll do it again. I do have one good mate there who will tell me truthfully whether it was any good - well, he won't tell me if he thought it was total crap, but I should be able to judge from what he says whether it was just bearable or really good.

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