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A Thought - It Happens Occasionally - dorsetgirl
December 6th, 2007
11:16 pm
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A Thought - It Happens Occasionally

I've written a small fic, which I like and want to post. But I've borrowed someone else's OC, and I can't contact her to ask her permission.
(The OC really does fit the story, and the credit to the original owner will save me several lines of expo in the fic itself. As it's written rather sparsely, I don't want to get into lots of explanation and muddy things up.)

I feel quite strongly that I shouldn't be using someone else's OC without permission, so I'm not posting yet. And then today I thought HOLD ON - how does that work?

I have borrowed someone's character: I have treated her with respect, given her a good profession, given her an important place in Gene and Sam's lives. So far as I know I have done nothing against the original author's intentions. Yet I feel a bit guilty at the presumption.

I have borrowed someone's characters: I have treated them with respect imo. I have given them a loving relationship, wedding rings and a long and happy life together. I have given them sex in alleyways, coma and life-threatening injuries, and I've given them Hallmark moments, Lost & Found moments and a certain amount of sweet, hot sexing. I know I have paired Sam and Gene against the stated intention of their co-creator. And I don’t feel a bit guilty.

I’ve only created one OC so far myself. He started as a bit part, just a device, in something that’s not finished yet. Gradually he became more and more important to the story and its lead character. So how would I feel if someone used him in their fic? With or without my agreement?

Well, I think I’d be honoured if someone wanted to use him and write him some more. With the rather large proviso that they didn’t render him unfit for, or incapable of fulfilling, the role I originally designed for him (or him for). And, funnily enough, that quite specifically means not changing his sexuality!

It doesn’t add up. So should I wait in the hope of getting permission to use this character; should I rewrite, build my own OC into the fic; should I just post without permission? After all, I’ve been doing that for months with Sam and Gene.

/time-wasting introspection

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Date:December 7th, 2007 05:34 am (UTC)
It is a really similar situation to ficcing; borrowing someone else's OC... Then again, the show creators have actual copyrights, which sort of place claim on their characters, and Wic does not, so if proper credit wasn't given, it could be seen at an attempt to steal a character, although I know you'll give credit, so that's a moot point... I don't think she would really mind, though, as long as you gave her proper credit/linked to her story, etc.

Edited at 2007-12-07 05:37 (UTC)
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