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And I Still Love Nine Best... - dorsetgirl
August 16th, 2011
12:08 am
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And I Still Love Nine Best...
This evening the kids decided to watch some Doctor Who, Series One. We started with Boomtown and then moved on to Bad Wolf. Luckily they then decided that was enough, because I've never yet watched The Parting of the Ways without sobbing my heart out at Emergency Hologram Number One and "You were fantastic... and so was I".

And the verdict? Immense. Just... so good. I seriously never took to Ten, although I liked Rose, Martha and Donna very much, and while I like Eleven a lot, the plottiness and unending complications just don't hit the spot for me.

No, Nine's my man, and always will be. Even though they lit Chris so oddly - blue lights, red lights, whatever - in almost every shot, the man is just so gorgeous, and there is so much depth to his performance, such a richness of emotion and intelligence and thoughtfulness that simply wasn't there in Ten, and isn't quite right - for me - in Eleven.

I wish I understood what it is that Russell did in his stories, or that I could explain the way they make me feel. I know a lot of people like to complain about Russell, but having no training in media studies or whatever, or in literature, I don't notice so-called plot-holes like many people seem to. (Or if I do, it's more like 'that was a bit silly' rather than major internet ranting.) What I do notice is that in Russell's stories - and in Russell's series overall - there are people I can get involved with, people whose emotions I can feel and understand. I sit watching his stories and I feel. Obviously on the nth viewing the fear has largely gone, because you know what happens, but the characters’ happiness or emptiness still comes across and I become immersed in the stories in a way I simply never have (yet? hopefully) in the Moffat era.

Q had a discussion yonks ago that I didn't get time to participate in properly, where one of her commenters said something like "Moffat does do emotions but he buries them in a whole load of plot; some people just can't handle both at once and they miss the emotion." I think that's probably very true for me.

Oh, and the music! It's something I've been actively missing in Torchwood - Miracle Day, and haven't particularly noticed much in Eleven's episodes, but honestly, watching Boomtown tonight - the richness and depth given to the whole piece by the music is just magical. It just draws you in and surrounds you totally. I honestly, literally (and yes, I do know how to use the word correctly), fell in love with Nine when I watched his episodes for the first time. Every Saturday I would be looking forward to seeing him again, just like a new RL relationship. Watching again tonight after several years of Ten, and Moffat, and Miracle Day, I was so pleased to find the warmth and the magic - of Rusty, and Julie, and Nine and Rose and Jack - still there waiting for me.

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Date:August 15th, 2011 11:52 pm (UTC)
I crushed on Nine SO HARD... so very hard, he and Rose just did *things* to me. It was New Who and Nine that made me search out fanfic and rediscover fandom in the online age, I must admit.

I am with you; I had so very much trouble with Ten when he first came on the scene. Although there were bits of his first episode that I liked, in retrospect I don't think they dealt nearly enough with Rose's grief, with the difficulty she would have in accepting a new man. And then David's entire first season (until he actually *loses* Rose) there's just no depth in it for me. I grew to love David in the role, but god... Nine. Love his look as the Doctor, too - and it's honestly the best thing I've seen Chris in ever. WHY didn't he do another year!!!
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Date:August 16th, 2011 12:16 am (UTC)
WHY didn't he do another year!!!

I agree, that would have been so good. I found this very interesting information recently via Ian Wylie's Twitter.
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