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Passing on the Message... - dorsetgirl
September 27th, 2011
01:15 pm
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Passing on the Message...
The following text was provided by The 38Degrees campaigning website (UK)

Soon the House of Lords starts voting on Andrew Lansley’s dangerous NHS plans. They have a choice - will they force the government to make changes to protect our NHS? Or will they wave through plans that threaten our health service?

It's not going to be easy. But some key members of the House of Lords are already saying they have big concerns about the government's NHS plans. [1] If we work together, we really could persuade enough of them to vote the right way.

Here's the plan to protect our NHS:
- contact every member of the House of Lords about the need to make changes to the NHS plans
- put the Lords face to face with experts who can explain in detail why these NHS plans are so dangerous

The Lords start voting in just 2 weeks time - we’re on a very tight deadline to get this started. If enough of us chip in to raise £20,000, we can get going right now.

Click on the link below to find out more and help make it happen: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/nhs-lords-donate

Thousands of 38 Degrees members voted to decide our plan for persuading the House of Lords to protect the NHS. [2] £20,000 will mean we can put that plan into action. It will mean we can:

1. Pay for our legal team and other experts to hold briefing sessions in the House of Lords

2. Build a brand new “email a Lord” web tool to make it easier to contact a member of the House of Lords with messages about the NHS

3. Post letters to all 788 members of the House of Lords, setting out the problems with the NHS bill

4. Get fresh advice from our legal experts quickly if the government announces new changes to its proposals

The Lords start voting in just two weeks. Chip in now, and we'll get started this weekend: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/nhs-lords-donate

38 Degrees doesn't get big corporate donations or government funding. We rely on thousands of us all just contributing what we can afford. We can make a little money go a long way because our strength comes from the number of us involved rather than the size of our bank balances - but we still need some cash to put the plans into action.

In July, thousands of 38 Degrees members donated to pay for independent legal advice on Lansley’s plans. Our lawyers’ scary findings made the front page of the Observer and were discussed in Parliament. With thousands of emails and phonecalls, we helped persuade key MPs to vote to protect the NHS.

If we keep working together we can persuade the House of Lords to stop Lansley's threat to our health service - and ensure our NHS is kept safe for future generations.

Please donate whatever you can afford now:


I've just donated to help pay for the 38 Degrees campaign to save our NHS. If enough of us chip in to raise £20,000 by Thursday, we can launch the campaign this weekend. 38 Degrees members can help persuade the Lords to make changes to the NHS bill.

We can send them thousands of messages, to make them realise these NHS changes are unpopular and need to be stopped. We can organise events in parliament, to put Lords face to face with experts who can explain in detail why these NHS plans are so dangerous.

The Lords start voting in just 2 weeks time. If we're going to make sure they vote the right way we need to get started now.


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