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Is it finally time to go? - dorsetgirl
December 23rd, 2011
03:42 pm
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Is it finally time to go?
Listen, all this LJ stuff: I'm not a great one for conspiracy theories, but igdick is enjoying the consternation and anger he's provoked. He's delighted with it. This is not a normal way to act in a new job. This is not a normal way to run a business.

I don't even like Dreamwidth, but I've nabbed DorsetGirl over there (I suddenly remembered there is another dorsetgirl around the web and I didn't want her getting it!) and I'm importing my LJ over there at this very moment. I'm also planning to do my personal family history LJ as soon as I can. I have no plans to leave LJ, but I want to be ready.

The timing of all this is very suspicious - call me paranoid but I wouldn't be completely surprised if we woke up on Christmas Day to find LiveJournal gone. If that happens, I'll see you at Dreamwidth.

If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, check out the last few LJ News and Releases posts and read some of the thousands and thousands of angry comments. I don't want this journal getting suspended for dissing igdick so I'm not even putting his real LJ here, let alone his real name. You'll find it quick enough in the comments. /paranoid

P.S. People are saying that some people have had AutoPayments switched on, so please do check that out and switch them off again! (Sorry, I haven't time to point people at how-tos right now, but there are links out there. Sorry again).

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