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From a long time ago... La Chica de Ayer Fic - Madrileños - dorsetgirl
March 23rd, 2012
08:22 am
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From a long time ago... La Chica de Ayer Fic - Madrileños
Title: Madrileños
Author: DorsetGirl
Fandom: Crossover: Life on Mars / La Chica de Ayer (Spanish LOM)
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters or their universe. BBC/Kudos/Antena3 do. I’m not making any money out of this.
Rating: White Cortina
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Word Count: 450 approx
Summary: There’s a couple in Spain just like Sam and Gene...
A/N: I seem to have written this back in 2009 and never got round to posting it. margo_kim’s WIP Amnesty Drabble Challenge set me searching, and I thought I might as well chuck this one out there. You don’t need to have seen La Chica de Ayer to make sense of this, but a glance at this pic or this snippet might help. (And this is afaik the only other piece of La Chica de Ayer fic ever written, although I'd love to hear I'm wrong on that one.)

By the way, if you want to know what they're talking about in the park bench scene, it's here.



“What is it now, Sam, can’t a man get some nookie on his night off?”

“Well, if you’re not interested I’ll shut up, but I thought you might want to know there’s a couple in Spain just like us.”

“A couple of what? Divs? Because that’s what you’re being at the moment, Dorothy. For God’s sake, put that down and get over here before me balls drop off.”

“No, I mean - well, there’s these blokes, they’re in the police force in Spain - in Madrid - and one of them, Samuel, seems to have travelled in ti... Er. Well, anyway, Samuel, he’s the one with the modern outlook, forensic training and all that, he wrote to me because he’d heard I’d understand his problem and he wondered if we could meet.”

“And what exactly is his problem? Apart, obviously, from being so sadly deluded as to write to the world’s pickiest pain in the arse expecting sympathy? And where did he ‘hear’ from? Which dozy git told the poor man you’d understand a single word he said?”

“Um, that’s a good point, actually.”

“Thought so. You haven’t a clue, have you? About this Spanish bloke, I mean - obviously I already know you haven’t a clue about anything else. Part of your charm, I always think - brain the size of a planet, ego big enough to light the whole city, all wrapped up with the common sense of a rocking horse."

“Thank you, Gene. So you won’t want to visit them, then? Just that the other bloke, his boss, sounds remarkably like you. Doesn’t look like you, mind, he’s more the tall, dark and handsome sort.”

“Oy, you cheeky bastard, I could be dark if you wanted - I thought you liked the blond!”

“I do, you pillock, I was just teasing. He does look bloody gorgeous, though. So shall I write back and tell them we can’t make it?”

“No need, Sam. I’ve already written back to Quin - funny names they have out there - saying we’ll be out in August.”

“You’ve heard from Quin? What did he say?”

“Nothing much. Just that he thought you looked rather sweet and he wouldn’t mind giving you one. Sent me a photo of his Samuel, who looks a bit of all right. Had you ever thought of growing the beard a bit? Designer stubble, sort of thing?”

“Could do, I suppose, if that’s what turns you on. Hmm, looks like this trip could be more... interesting... than I thought.”

“You’re not wrong there, Sam. I’m getting excited about it already.”

“And I just thought you had your tight trousers on again.”

~ ~ ~

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