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Keep Big Business out of NHS decision-making - dorsetgirl
April 23rd, 2012
09:41 am
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Keep Big Business out of NHS decision-making
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38 Degrees are asking for £1 of your money today

The 38 Degrees office team has just been told that two big private healthcare companies are plotting to rig the future of our NHS in their favour. On Tuesday Capita and United Healthcare are planning to try and schmooze with leading GPs at a conference in London.

These GPs have been put in charge of deciding who runs services in the new NHS. Right now no one's quite sure how it will work, but the big healthcare companies know this is their chance to grab big chunks of the NHS. They want to take advantage of the confusion to lobby doctors and drown out the voices of ordinary patients.

I've just chipped in along with thousands of other 38 Degrees members to sponsor an alternative event, to represent the voices of ordinary patients. It won't be as lavish as the big corporate events, but I hope it will make a big impression because thousands of ordinary people have come together to pay for it.

Could you chip in £1 to make it happen? Click here: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/GP-Event-Donate


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