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. Had occasion to visit a building containing a Court today (nothing… - dorsetgirl
July 16th, 2012
02:50 pm
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Had occasion to visit a building containing a Court today (nothing nasty!). As we walked into the unmanned Reception area we had plenty of time to run through the building waving machine guns read the notice saying "This building's current security status is: Heightened Response" before a very laid-back looking guy wandered in from the car park to deal with us. Thinking about it, he could have been the one with the machine gun - we totally took it for granted that because he acted as if he belonged there, he actually did. Hmm. While he waved his little security scanner thingy over OH, I read the notice that said "No Mobile Phones allowed in this building." Then he ran his little scanner over me and asked to look in my bag. So I opened it and said "Er, phone, camera, keys..." at which he said "No cameras allowed, you'll have to... oh, that's a phone, that's all right." (Huh? It actually is (was) a phone, but it doesn't have a SIM card and it does have... a 5 mega-pixel camera. But that's OK, apparently.)

So we walked with our three cameras and two functioning phones past the notice that said No Mobile Phones and headed up the stairs, where we were passed by a lawyer-sounding person talking on a mobile phone.

After the business was finished, we went for a quick lunch, during which I read an article in the paper about protecting the interests of the Olympic sponsors. This apparently includes prohibiting the sale of chips from all Olympic venues apart from MacDonalds, making sure pub blackboards advertising live coverage don't mention any brands of beer, and banning use of such esoteric and specialised terms as "Summer", "Games", and "2012". Not much need for the first, admittedly, but even so.

ETA: OH said afterwards that he didn't think the little scanner jobby was actually working - he'd forgotten to take his keys out of his pocket and it didn't beep at all!

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